BELNET ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY (AUP) As a non commercial public service, the use of BELNET is limited to the Belgian universities, colleges, schools, research centres and government services. Our very advanced technologies and our unique position at the Belgian .ISP market. makes it possible to offer our customers a number of specific services. Our customers have to take care of the physical connection of their site to the PoP of the BELNET network. This means that they have to foresee in a rent line and an access router on ones own and take the costs. BELNET gives the access to the network and internet from the BELNET router at the PoP. The customer of BELNET subscribes to the conditions established in an agreement; in the General Conditions, the SLA and the AUP. The users of BELNET have to respect the rules established in the ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY of BELNET. Below you can find an overview of the most important rules : The services of BELNET may not be used for activities that directly or indirectly permits: o The unauthorised access to the connected networks o The interruption of the operational service of BELNET, the use of the results of the service for other users or networks, or the loss of means (persons, computer capacity) o Destruction of computer data; o attempts of the privacy of users. The services of BELNET may not be used for commercial purposes The services of BELNET may not be used for private- or personal purposes. The institutions that are connected with BELNET have to assure that the services of BELNET are used within the respect of their own rules and legal dispositions. They have to protect themselves against any abuse or temptation of infraction at their local network by a third party by means of BELNET. In case of an infraction against the permitted uses of the services of BELNET, the institutions are obliged to react fast against the responsible person(s). This means firstly the identification of the responsible person(s), the warning against the misuse of the service and the reminder of all the conditions of use of BELNET. Subsequently there must be a strong control to anticipate a future abuse. In case of repeated infraction all necessary measures will be taken and .if necessary. it can lead to the exclusion of the responsible person(s).