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Update this page with the results of "Call Your ISP for IPv6", so we can get an idea of what the latest results are. We are interested in when you called, what their response was, what timelines were and did they even know what IPv6 was.

If you got a response indicate the date, when you got the response. If you didn't check for the information, just leave the cell empty. If IPv6 matters and you have the option, vote with your wallet and move to a forward thinking ISP.

This list is intended to cover any service provider that provides Internet connectivity, including (but not limited to) DSL, cable, fiber, wireless, cellular and satellite.

Country Provider IPv6 for Home IPv6 for SoHo IPv6 for Enterprise Notes
Austria A1 (Telekom Austria) No timeline (2016-02-29) Not sure... Only for large customers! /48 for all IPv6 customers
Austria UPC Austria DSLite on Cable connections / no IPv6 on DSL No IPv6 for business lines No IPv6 for business lines No plans for implementing IPv6 for business users
Belgium Scarlet Belgium No No No According to the helpdesk: Belgium has enough IPv4 to continue for years to come. Until they need to = no IPv6.
Belgium EdpNET Belgium Yes Yes Yes They give a fixed /56 for home user and a /48 for business user, they have delegated revers DNS on my own DNS server with a simple support request. This is not a tunnel but a native v6 connexion.
Belgium Proximus Yes Yes Yes According to press release they enabled IPv6 in 2013. Confirmed IPv6 is enabled in home network.
Belgium Voo Yes 1 dynamic /64 prefix via DHCPv6-PD, no reverse delegation
Brazil Net Virtua Yes - Some Areas 1 dynamic /64 prefix via DHCPv6-PD, no reverse delegation, some routing issues, callcenter does not understand about ipv6 problems, field people also know nothing about ipv6
Brazil Live TIM CPEs seem to support IPv6 (checked on VDSL2+, no information about FTTH), but it is still disabled. Helpdesk don't know anything about IPv6 deployment or support.
Canada Bell Canada No timeline (2016-02-09) No timeline (2016-02-09) Yes, but bring your own subnet (2016-02-09) content-free info website - Beyond the website, nobody knew about the technology upon contact. The enterprise info required getting to the enterprise tech support team.
Canada Cogeco Cogeco my be getting ready to roll out IPv6. At least one report in the Cogeco forums of a person getting a native IPv6 address but no official announcement from Cogeco.
Canada Storm Yes. (2016-04-02) Yes. (2016-04-02) PPPoE,HSA, /48 to /60, Yes. (2016-04-02) PPPoE,HSA,fiber, /48 to /60, BGP4 available.
Canada Fido (mobile) No No No Phone based technical support wasn't aware what IPv6 was and had no further information.
Canada TekSavvy Yes, but DSL only (2016-02-09) Yes (2016-04-29) TekSavvy
Canada Telus Yes (in progress) Yes (in progress) Yes (in progress) Telus began the roll out of native IPv6 in August 2015. The roll out was scheduled to be completed in early 2016. See details on World IPv6 Launch site and on Telus' website. According to this image, there are at just under 50% in June 2016.
Canada Rogers Rogers began rolling out native IPv6 in March 2016. They announced that the roll out to their network is complete. They are in the process of updating customer router firmware for IPv6 but anyone running their own IPv6 capable router behind a bridged Rogers router should be running IPv6 now.
Canada Videotron Yes (2016-02-09) No (2016-03-09) No (2016-03-09) info website
Czech Republic I2Net No No No Promised four years ago, stopped replying to further urges
Czech Republic O2 Yes (/64 only) IPv6 on xDSL lines only, not yet for mobile broadband. It's impossible to ask for a shorter routed prefix for home connections. Lines after 2012-07-01 don't get public IPv4 for free, only a CGNATed one.
Czech Republic SporkNet Yes See this article in Czech language /64 or /56 are available
Czech Republic TC servis No No No Actively refuses IPv6 for 5+ years
Czech Republic Tlapnet Internal testing, launch planned in mid-2016
Czech Republic T-Mobile Yes (/56) IPv6 on xDSL lines only, not yet for mobile broadband. Each customer also get a public IPv4 address.
Czech Republic UPC Czech Republic No No No Talking ( about it for at least 2 years. Technical support denies any plans for ipv6.
Denmark 3 No No No They no longer provide it (they have removed their APN for it)
Denmark Altibox Yes Yes Yes 6rd
Denmark AURA Energi No No No No plans (2016-04-04)
Denmark bolig:net Yes Yes Yes
Denmark DanskNet No Yes Yes
Denmark Energi Fyn No No Yes
Denmark EnergiMidt No No Yes
Denmark Fibia No No No "Vi understøtter endnu ikke IPv6. Jeg har desværre ikke yderligere oplysninger på det område." 2016-03-15
Denmark Fullrate Yes Yes Yes Not all their routers supported
Denmark Gigabit Yes Yes Yes /48
Denmark GlobalConnect Yes /48
Denmark Hiper Yes Not yet available over coax (only xDSL & fiber)
Denmark ipvision Yes
Denmark Yes
Denmark Kviknet Yes Yes Yes Except xDSL (only fiber)
Denmark Yes Yes Yes
Denmark Nianet Yes
Denmark Stofa No No No They will replace the last equipment during 2016. After that it's just their system that needs to be updated.
Denmark TDC No No Yes
Denmark TD-K Yes
Denmark Telia Yes Yes Yes Not all routers support it yet.
Denmark TREFOR No No No
Denmark YouSee No No No
Denmark Zen Systems Yes
Finland Sonera No, no timeline for deployment of native Yes, business connections at 10x the price of equivalent consumer product Yes "Did you mean IPTV?" TeliaSonera B2B sales. They provide some sort of 6rd for consumer connections. Presumably that was their excuse to participate in the "National IPv6 launch", which mandated rollout. cf. IPv6 in Finland
Finland Sonera Yes if you are using their IPTV solution "Sonera Viihde". Native IPv6 support for all home users promised soon. (in finnish)
France Free Yes
France Nerim Yes Provides native IPv6 for all its clients since March 2003.
France Orange /56 for vdsl and ftth customers. adsl customers will have to wait until 2017. Yes, depending of the offer Yes
Germany 1und1 Yes, /56 for adsl (2016-06-25)

Yes for vdsl (2016-04-17)

2016-04-17: native IPv6 on vdsl running here (major German city) for quite some time (w/o user notice or online documentation - personal experience, no call sent) 2016-06-25: I just enabled ipv6 on my fritzbox 7412 and got an /56 right away. I did not have any communication with 1und1 beforehand.

2016-04-17: latest ipv6 entry in official 1&1 blog is from 2012.

unknown date: ticket support wants to handout ipTV on questions for ipv6. Later somehow competent guy told me they give out ipv6 for vdsl only. And you need a bit of luck.

Germany Congstar No No No According to IPv6-Unterstützung? mobile users can get IPv6. But according to Freigabe von IPv6 bei Festnetz-Anschlüssen and IPv6 ist 20 Jahre alt … wann gibt's das bei congstar? there are currently no plans to support IPv6 via DSL.
Germany easybell no ETA no technical details (size of prefix, etc...) available for endcustomers; VoIP accessible via IPv6
Germany Klaus Internet Service GmbH available by default, static or dynamic available by default, static or dynamic they use DTAG infrastructure except for a some very few places were they have their own gear
Germany Deutsche Glasfaser yes yes IPv4 only via CGNAT
Germany Kevag-Telekom No  ?  ? DS-Lite planned but no date for release as per aug 2016
Germany MK Netzdienste GmbH & Co. KG  ?  ? available by default DTAG infrastructure, superb support, open for special requests like proper transfer network, bgp, snmp access for cpe, vdsl 100/40, etc
Germany o2 no no  ? Claim that no provider in Germany offers IPv6 at the moment and that it will take years until there is IPv6 in Germany. Ask what their(!) interest would be to offer IPv6.

Sales hotline claimed on 2016-08-06 that their VDSL service would be dual stack, so I ordered with them. After everything was running, I only had IPv4 (IPv6CP was rejected in the PPP negotiation). First call to the tech support hotline: "The box we gave you doesn't support IPv6, but pay us € 50 for a FritzBox and you'll have IPv6". On the second call, the technical support hotline did not seem to know what IPv6 was (tried to tell me my SIP login info instead, which I already had), and redirected me to the fault reporting hotline after an hour, who told me their service has no IPv6 support.

Mobile Access also no IPv6-Support yet

Germany QSC  ?  ?  ? - sometimes Tried to get IPv6 from 2007 to 2014 and failed miserably, got lots of lame excuses for years ("nobody needs this, europe has enough ipv4 addresses, [...]") ... Including the very late and somewhat broken "ipv6 test for customers", experience was very bad from my perspective: Only dhcpv6-pd, even for fixed prefixes, discussions to get a proper /48, no reverse delegation, no manual configuration and therefore no transfer net, no snmp access for cpe, backup option not available for ipv6, no bgp, no option to get a faster sdsl line than 4Mbit/s, etc ... very frustrating. Moved to MK-Netze (see above) to fix the issue and got everything I needed. SixXs ist now just a fallback for testing...

got a subnet by requesting under in sep. 14 (ADSL Product)

Germany Telekom You need to switch to an All-IP-product Existing customers with old products need to switch to an All-IP-product to get full dual stack access. New customers already get dual stack. - (They seem to ignore the IPv6 Question when asked, i didn't get any Answer via E-Mail - last information found from 2012 was IPv6 only for new Contracts with VOIP. Telekom is the Monopolist in Germany. @sge1-sixxs) There are no static addresses, the prefix is changing on every reconnect. According to support, static prefixes are only available in a bundle with static v4 addresses, that means for business users, not for home users.

If you are an existing customer and have an All-IP-product activated before September 2012 you are out of luck to get IPv6. You have to wait for a solution for existing customer, which does not seem to come anytime soon.

Germany T-Mobile Yes Mobile users should be able to dynamically obtain IPv6-Adresses
Germany Versatel No interest whatsoever (11.02.2016) Sometimes, depending on location, speed, voip or not (11.02.2016) Sometimes, depending on location, speed, voip or not (11.02.2016) Company fusion with 1&1 as of mid 2016.
Germany Vodafone Internal tests running, but no ETA. (16.02.2016) Unknown Included in the InternetConnect segment.
Germany Wilhelm.Tel Yes, but only dynamic IPv6  ?  ?
Hungary ActivCom No No No They're not planning to deploy IPv6 ever. They said even their BGP peers can not support reliable operation of IPv6. (as of 08/2016)
Hungary DIGI Yes, only dynamic single /64, changes about once per week. (as of 08/2016) Yes, only dynamic single /64, changes about once per week. (as of 08/2016) - Deployed IPv6 in 12/2015, larger IPv6 prefix is not planned. Static prefix is planned for extra cost but it's not available yet. (as of 08/2016)
Hungary Magyar Telekom / Hungarian Telekom Was running an IPv6 test program since 2009, assigned static /56 prefixes for volunteer customers. Their test program went defunct on 25 Feb 2016, was restored at the end of March, but then went defunct again on 10 May 2016.  ? T-Systems Hungary (Telekom subsidiary) may provide IPv6 connectivity for enterprises in Dataplex data center and per custom contracts, for explicit requests. Exact details are unknown. Been using their IPv6 testbed since 2012 as a home user, it was a good-quality service. Static /56 prefix was available through DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation. My IPv6 connectivity was broken on 25 Feb 2016, but was restored at the end of March. It went down again on 10 May, 2016. IPv6 is still not supported per SLA. I had to revert to using SiXXS tunnel.
India Airtel India No timeline provided by support. Phone support had to call his supervisor as he did not know what IPv6 was. Unknown as of May 2016 Unknown as of May 2016 Given the number of IPs required by this population size you'd think ISPs here would be early adopters, sadly it's 2016 and this isn't the case. Curiously, Airtel supplied Beetel (and other) DSL modem/routers have had some support for IPv6 built in since their 2005 firmware.
Ireland Virgin Media Provides IPv6 (including 1 prefix via DHCPv6-PD) at least on their 360Mbps subscription. Supports SLAAC and DHCPv6 for DNS assignment and PD. Unknown as of April 2016 Unknown as of April 2016 Technically, IPv6 is available on the 240Mbps subscription as well but depending on the CPE delivered, it may or may not work (because the CPE itself supports IPv6 or not). It is possible to request a 2nd CPE be sent that supports IPv6.
Italy Telecom italia Testbed on any Telecom Italia connection, but only a /128 (no /64 or /48 assigned) No future assignation at this moment Available in all area's (feb 2016) The future project it's to assign a /56 for user's, but it's under planning, no notice at this moment.
Italy Terre Cablate Rete e Servizi No assignation No IPv6 assigned Not avalaible (private and companies) (dic 2015) They had a project for IPv6 many years ago, everything is stuck now.
Italy Tiscali Testbed on any connection No future assignation at this moment Available in all area's (feb 2016) N.N.
Italy Wind/Libero/Infostrada No assignation. No IPv6 assigned Not avalaible (private and companies (feb 2016) No project at this moment for IPv6 (but Wind have requested a /32 from RIPE)
Netherlands Caiway Will support only "when ipv4 runs out" Will support only "when ipv4 runs out" n/a n/a
Netherlands Edutel also: ON, OnsBrabantNet Yes, 6rd configured via DHCP or manually is static ip. Yes Yes n/a
Netherlands KPN  ? For 'Zakelijk glasvezel' SMB-customers, optionally available from reseller for one-time activation fee. I was quoted €500, complaining reduced it to €250. For 'Corporate Internet' Enterprise customers, optionally available. Don't know if there's a fee. n/a
Netherlands Tele2 "No plans" (from helpdesk). However, best effort 6RD gateway available, located in Sweden (find it with google) Possibly, Via account manager (according to website) Via account manager (according to website) After reminding the helpdesk about what ipv6 is exactly and convincing them with practical applications for end users, we ended up guessing that we have to wait for business decisions from the top management.
Netherlands Xs4all ipv6 and ipv4 standard for everyone ipv6 and ipv4 standard for everyone ipv6 and ipv4 standard for everyone Exemplary ipv6 implementation since 2010.
Netherlands Ziggo Rolling out later this year, new customers on DS-Lite (feb 2016) Rolling out later this year, new customers on DS-Lite (feb 2016) Available in some areas (feb 2016) Ziggo customers in parts of the former '@home' network-area have received a /56. Broader rollout is upcoming.
Netherlands Vodafone No IPv6 n/a n/a No IPv6 for consumers according to their helpdesk on Twitter:
New Zealand BigPipe On the way! N/A N/A Talk is that IPv6 is in the works for all customers due to be released late 2016.
New Zealand Spark No Yes, by request (Spark Digital). Yes, via Spark Digital. No plans for home users however router support is there for most of their routers, business and corporate customers can request IPv6.
Norway Altibox Yes Yes Yes 6rd
Norway Get Yes Yes Yes dynamic /60 prefix via DHCPv6-PD, no reverse delegation
Poland Logitus no plans (14.07.2015) ”We still have unused IPv4 allocations left”
Poland Play No plans (14.09.2013 - 02.2016) They keep users behind IPv4 NAT, and they're fine with it.
Russia SummaTelecom No « Definitely planned - with full DualStack for access subscribers. The infrastructure in terms of equipment originally was designed for providing IPv6 support - so that now a full-scale deployment of IPv6 is constrained only a matter of integrating some OSS/BSS-systems to support it, which we hope to solve no later than the summer of 2012, and to deploy IPv6 to the users before the end of the summer. » Since that announcement, no news.
Slovak Orange Slovakia [1] Press release about what they are up to
Slovenia T-2 Yes, /64 SLAAC for FTTH or /64 subnet for VDSL and FTTH Yes, /56 Yes
Slovenia Telekom Slovenije Yes, /56 Yes Yes
Slovenia Si.Mobil (Amis) Yes Yes Yes PPPoE, colocation and leased lines, /64 SLAAC for p2p, /56 routed
Sweden Bahnhof No, no timeline (Splitvision) do not have support for IPv6 (15.12.2015) Yes, for companies (Splitvision) do have support for IPv6 (15.12.2015) Yes, for companies (Splitvision) do have support for IPv6 (15.12.2015) website
Sweden Gavlenet 6RD with option 212 since 2014 Static 6RD if firewall don't support option 212 Yes, since 2007 website
Sweden Bollnas Energi 6RD with option 212 since 2014 Static 6RD if firewall don't support option 212 Yes, since 2010 website
Sweden Soderhamn Nara 6RD with option 212 since 2014 Static 6RD if firewall don't support option 212 Yes, since 2010 website
Sweden Sandnet planning since 2014 planning since 2014 Yes, since 2010 website
Sweden Ljusnet no no Yes, since 2010 website
Sweden Bredband2 6RD with option 212 since 2015 Depends on where in Sweden Depends on where in Sweden website
Sweden Bredbandsbolaget In network, but not to end-user. Will start rolling out "when we start to run out of IPv4 addresses". No time plan available. (21 apr 2016)  ?  ? Source: "premium-service" customer support
Sweden comhem No ( asked them since 2013 ) No No website
Sweden Splitvision No, no timeline Splitvision that deliver my fiber connection do not have any plan for IPv6 (17.12.2015). ( Splitvision isn't an ISP, they are a "last mile ISP selector" ) Yes, for companies (Splitvision) do have support for IPv6 (17.12.2015) Yes, for companies (Splitvision) do have support for IPv6 (17.12.2015) website
Sweden Telia Öppen Fiber No support and no timeline. (2016-04-04)  ?  ? website
Sweden Telia 6RD with weak or no support  ?  ? website
Sweden Tele2 Yes  ?  ? website
Switzerland Fiber7 / Init7 Yes Yes Yes /48 per customer on fiber, /56 on DSL (DHCPv6), free fixed IPv6
Switzerland green Yes Yes Yes /56 on DSL (DHCPv6)
Switzerland Leucom No "Internal tests ongoing" (2016-04-05).
Switzerland Salt "For the moment we still not have an expected date to IPv6 support to our private clients" (1.4.2016).
Switzerland SASAG No answer yet; "No plans yet" 1-2 years ago
Switzerland sunrise No No Yes "No plans to support IPv6 for our private and SoHo clients" (2016-03-29).
Switzerland Swisscom DSL customers get IPv6 by default (6to4) Yes Yes It seems they encapsulate IPv6 in IPv4 in their bacbone
Switzerland UPC Cablecom DSLite for some customers Yes Yes Customers with only internet services get DSLite and NAT IPv4. Triple play customers doesn't have IPv6. The plan is to move everyone on DSLite.
Switzerland Databaar No (2016.04.04) No (2016.04.04) No (2016.04.04) Provider info: IPv6 is "planned" and soon should get a priority status. When that "soon" will be is not yet known.
Switzerland Quickline No (2016.04.04) No Info No Info Provider: Answered on 06.04.2016. At the moment no IPv6. They know what IPV6 is, eventually they will provide it, but no dates yet.
Switzerland GGA Maur No (April 2014) April 2016: "Currently, as demand for IPv6 is very low, we have no plans to introduce IPv6 native." April 2014: No date for availability of IPv6. November 2011: No plans, despite new DOCSIS modems which support IPv6.
Switzerland Internet Services Inc, Technopark Zurich No (March 2016) No (March 2016) "Only two requests for IPv6 received in the last seven years. IPv6 might be included in next re-design which is still in a very early stage."
UK AAISP Available by default Available by default Available by default Key selling point; quite likely the first UK ISP to offer IPv6.
UK BT No No No UK ISP BT Confirm IPv6 to Officially Go Live on their Network this Autumn (2016-08-22)
UK PlusNet No Plans (2016-04-01) Internal planning (2016-02-15) They have been trialing IPv6 with limited and closed involvement since 2011, but still dragging their heels. They do not expect support this year although there is no official roadmap or go-live date. The trial showed issues and they have no plans now to upgrade to IPv6.
UK Sky Yes (2016) Yes (2016) Yes (2016) Ref: Press release
UK Timico Available on request (since at least 2012) Available on request (since at least 2012) Available on request (since at least 2012) Not mentioned on their website, but they told me via private email in 2012 that they can provide native IPv6, just ask them about it.
UK Virgin Media No official word Reply on twitter here
UK Zen Internet Available on request (since 2015-12) Available on request (since 2015-12) Available on request (since 2015-12) Must sign up at
USA Brighthouse Networks 10 Years out None None Brighthouse Networks Sales does not know what ipv6 is or for that matter what ipv4 is, tech support says there will be no support ipv6 for the long term. (Spoke February 15, 2016)
USA Comcast For DOCSIS based dynamic customers /64 by default, up to /60 supported For DOCSIS based dynamic and static customers /56 default (planned 2H2016) For Metro Ethernet or Fiber based customers a /48 allocation is supported by default IPv6 support has been 100% deployed across Comcast's broadband footprint since April 2014.

Static IPv6 for commercial DOCSIS customers is targeted for launch during the 2H2016. Commercial DOCSIS static support for IPv6 requires a Comcast supplied router. IPv6 support for residential broadband is dynamic only. IPv6 support is available for all Comcast provided devices as well as third parties devices, where applicable. For more information and updates check

USA Cox Yes (fully deployed across its residential DOCSIS footprint) Yes (trails) Yes (trails) For home see . For Soho and Enterprise (businesses) see
USA Eathlink No No No Support did not know what IPv6 was see forum post.
USA PenTeleData No timeline. They said "At the moment right now there has not been a change in our plans for IPv6 addressing. In the future it is certain that this will be needed. Currently everything with IPv4 is up and running." Last I read from their newsletter thing, was the end of 2015.

(Spoke last on 4/22/2016)

USA Shentel Internal planning (2016-02-12) Internal planning (2016-02-12) Internal planning (2016-02-12) Although assigned IPv4 address pool is low, no project or deployment schedule (ref. tech support call 2016-03-09). Comment: Don't expect Shentel IPv6 support soon.
Vietnam Viettel Will be provided in mid 2016 Will be provided in mid 2016 Will be provided in mid 2016 Ref: website
Vietnam Vinaphone Will be provided in mid 2016 Will be provided in mid 2016 Will be provided in mid 2016 Ref: website
Vietnam Mobiphone Will be provided in mid 2016 Will be provided in mid 2016 Will be provided in mid 2016 Ref: website
Vietnam VNPT Offically released in Feb 14 (fiber customers only) Offically released in Feb 14 (fiber customers only) Offically released in Feb 14 (fiber customers only)