= SixXS AICCU: Automatic IPv6 Connectivity Configuration Utility = AICCU makes it very easy for anybody to get IPv6 connectivity everywhere they want. It uses the TIC (Tunnel Information & Control) protocol to request the information needed to setup a tunnel through which the connectivity is created. AICCU supports the following tunneling protocols: - 6in4 static (RFC 2893) - 6in4 heartbeat (RFC 2893 + draft-massar-v6ops-heartbeat) - AYIYA (draft-massar-v6ops-ayiya) As AYIYA even works from behind NAT's, thus unless there is a very restrictive firewall in place, anybody should be able to get IPv6 connectivity without problems and everywhere they want. == Restarts/problems == WARNING: never run AICCU from DaemonTools or a similar automated 'restart' tool/script. When AICCU does not start, it has a reason not to start which it gives on either the stdout or in the (sys)log file. The TIC server *will* automatically DISABLE ACCOUNTS which are detected to run in this mode. Please use 'verbose true' to see more information which is especially handy when starting fails and please report problems when they occur so that they can be solved properly. Please see our contact page for a list of items to be included when reporting problems. == Website == The main AICCU page, containing information, screenshots, updates and of course the software itself, unix source + binaries/packages and Windows binaries, can be downloaded from: http://www.sixxs.net/tools/aiccu/ == Frequently Asked Questions == The FAQ is located at: http://www.sixxs.net/faq/aiccu/ In case of questions, don't hesitate to ask on the SixXS Forum or as per http://www.sixxs.net/contact/ == Author == The author of this code is: Jeroen Massar SixXS http://www.sixxs.net/ With patches accepted from other sources as can be found in the changelog. == Contact == In the event that you find bugs or have questions please see: http://www.sixxs.net/contact/ which contains the full contact details of SixXS. If you have problems using this tool you should of course first check the FAQ at http://www.sixxs.net/faq/ and check the Forum which can be found at http://www.sixxs.net/forum/ If you are using this software please notify us of it. We are always interrested to hear in what various ways people are using our software. == License == See the LICENSE file in the doc directory (short: BSD-3-clause) == Copyright == Automatic IPv6 Connectivity Configuration Utility AICCU (C) Copyright 2003-2013 SixXS