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FAQ : Account : How do I update my account information?

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How do I update my account information?

As handles are all different, see the corresponding section on how to update them. When in doubt, contact SixXS.

SIXXS handles

For updates to information in SixXS handles, provide SixXS with the details.


As we (SixXS) only make a mirror copy of the information provided in the original registry there is no way to modify the copy for us. You will have to update the information in the original registry yourself and then notify SixXS that you did so.

RIPE handles can be created and updated using the information provided at the RIPE Whois Database Home. Note that we require maintainers on all handles. Automatic synchronisation of updates is not possible as the RIPE database doesn't allow mass transfers of person objects, as such don't forget to notify us.

6BONE handles

6BONE handles were deprecated per September 2005 and thus are not accepted any more for new signups. Existing accounts will remain, but updates to 6BONE handles can only be made by either:

  • Creating a new handle at one of the RIR's and then asking SixXS to change your existing handle into the new handle.
  • or easier, we can change your handle to a SIXXS handle, this can also be accomplished by asking SixXS.
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