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If it doesn't fit in any of the other forums then it apparently needs to go here.
IPv6 Applications
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About using IPv6 applications
IPv6 Development
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All about development related to IPv6
IPv6 Setup
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Questions and Answers concerning IPv6 Setup of machines, routers etc.
What can be done better?
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Sometimes we (SixXS Staff) hear via via that something is not being handled correctly or that certain things are too difficult. Even though we have been busy making information clearer, it seems that still a lot of problems and concerns do not get fed back to us, while we would be the only ones who can actually resolve that problem. SixXS is a free service, but if it isn't any good or of use, then there is no real reason to provide it. Note that logically, if we don't know about a problem or something that might be done different or better, or something that might be really useful to have, then we can't add it either. Thus if you encounter something which is not clear, too difficult, requires explanation or could be done better or in a different way which would improve the experience for all users. As such, if there is anything, do not hesitate to bring it up: * mail it to, or * post it in the forum Thus spread the word and please provide feedback.
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