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FAQ : AICCU, TIC, Heartbeat & AYIYA : How do I automatically (re-)start AICCU?

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How do I automatically (re-)start AICCU?

While running AICCU from an init script (starting the tool only once) is an accepted behavior, automatically restarting it is not acceptable as this will cause excessive connections to our TIC server and more importantly, it does not resolve the reason why AICCU exited.

Amongst many scenarios, not all systems will have a properly configured clock (NTP synced) or properly configured or working global connectivity or DNS setup at startup or during runtime.

There are also other factors, like the ability to reach the TIC server for the configuration details and next to that of course also actual connectivity to the PoP. There are many failure reasons, most of which can not be accounted for and most of which AICCU cannot resolve.

Restarting AICCU would just cause the same problem to cause AICCU to exit, keeping on restarting it will just abuse resources, locally, in the network, on the TIC server or the PoP.

A human can read the log files and resolve any issues that are outstanding. The human can then decide to manually restart AICCU.

Note that excessive connections to the TIC server will get you blocked. This is noted in a variety of locations, hence we enforce this rule firmly.

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