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FAQ : AICCU, TIC, Heartbeat & AYIYA : License

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  • Old License (used up-to AICCU 2007.01.07)
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Up-to 2007.01.07 we used to have an extended 3-clause BSD license. After discussions with Theo de Raadt, Marco d'Itri, and Philipp Kern we decided that, also due to changes in the code, to change the license to a generic 3-clause BSD license. The license used by AICCU is now the generic SixXS License, BSD license with name changes, which can later also be applied by other tools released by the SixXS Staff.

Old License (used up-to AICCU 2007.01.07)

The old old AICCU license used a standard 3-clause BSD license with a few modications:

  • names changed from "Regents/University" to "SixXS".
  • point 3 minus 'written', for us a by the SixXS Staff PGP signed email suffices.

Please notify us when you use our code

Still we like to remind that, when you are using our code in your products, to please notify us of it. As a developer hearing that the work one has done is actually being used is one of the nicest things to hear. Of course, we also would like to hear about problems, bug reports, feature requests etc.

Windows GUI Edition Source Code

AICCU has always had a "Windows" edition with a GUI. The source code for this edition is not available as the GUI edition is using MFC from a very old Visual Studio edition. Note that the TIC/AYIYA/heartbeat code in the backend is exactly the same as the released versions of that code for the unix-alike platforms.

We don't think that the quality of that MFC code is good to publish nor release in the wild, as such we decided to keep that code closed and not include it in the source code release of AICCU. We are working on a new version of AICCU which does not have the MFC dependency, when that is released we will not have a separate GUI version anymore.

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