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FAQ : AICCU, TIC, Heartbeat & AYIYA : Does it work from behind a NAT or firewall?

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Does it work from behind a NAT or firewall?

AICCU works from behind a NAT setup it is even capable of passing most firewalls. Do note though that AICCU is only the tool for setting up a tunnel. The tunneling protocol itself must be able to cross a NAT too. In general AYIYA will work in most situations, unless it gets firewalled.

AYIYAWorks over firewalls and NAT's
Protocol-41 / HeartbeatRequires the use of a public IP address or when behind a NAT requires the configure of the NAT box to make the host where the tunnel is really terminated, the 'DMZ' host.

To be able to use AICCU, one should also be able to access the TIC service.

Also see FAQ: Firewalled.

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