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FAQ : AICCU, TIC, Heartbeat & AYIYA : Where can I get the tunnel driver for Windows, Mac OS X and NetBSD?

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Where can I get the tunnel driver for Windows, Mac OS X and NetBSD?

A number of operating systems come per default with a device called the Tun/Tap device. This device enables a program like AICCU to use it and thus providing a virtual network interface to the operating system. Instead of real network hardware behind this interface the application reads and writes to it. This is generally used for VPN tools.

Some Operating Systems though don't have this device per default. In these cases you will need to install a driver which adds this support to the OS.


The driver is available from the main AICCU page as the Tap32 Driver. Extract it to a convienient directory, run the delalltap.bat to cleanup old drivers and then run the addtap.bat to install one. The console version of AICCU can list the available taps with the "listtaps" option.

When AICCU's configuration file contains an ipv6_interface, but that one is not found, and there is only one single tap driver it will automatically rename the tap driver to the name mentioned in ipv6_interface and use it. When there are multiple tap interfaces it will abort. Check with "listtaps" if the interface is available or how it is called.

Mac OS X

Easiest is to use the 'tuntap' driver provided by Homebrew, always up to date and also the easiest way to install aiccu:

brew install tuntap brew install aiccu

and you are ready to run AICCU.

Alternatively use the tun/tap driver for Mac OS X by Mattias Nissler.


Altough NetBSD comes per default with a Tun/Tap device, this device only supports IPv4. From NetBSD 4 on it also supports other Address Families using the TUNSIFHEAD option. To check if your version of NetBSD supports this, check if TUNSIFHEAD is defined in the include file '/usr/include/net/if_tun.h'. The Makefile of AICCU checks this, if the value is not defined it will build without Tun/Tap support, when the user tries to use a AYIYA tunnel it will abort and explain the situation.

If you don't have the support for this yet, you can apply the backport from NetBSD4 for this. The backport patch was made by Tobias Riediger and can be found in our archive.

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