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FAQ : Connectivity (Tunnels and Subnets) : Is there support for dynamic IPv4 endpoints?

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Is there support for dynamic IPv4 endpoints?

Yes, this is possible using the Heartbeat and AYIYA protocols, both which are supported by AICCU.

The heartbeat protocol is supported by AVM Fritz!Box, OpenWRT, DD-WRT and a variety of CPE manufacturers (ZyXEL, Motorola etc, model specific thus check details).

With both AYIYA and Heartbeat periodically a heartbeat packet is sent to the PoP which tells the PoP where your endpoint is.

When the heartbeat stops the PoP will automatically disable the tunnel thus ensuring that the packets will not be routed to somebody else but the real tunnelendpoint user. This also avoids abuse complaints from users who don't know about this setup and will receive that IPv4 address after the user disconnects.

This service also allows to connect endpoints that are not up 24/7 or get automatically reconnected every now and then like for instance most German DSL users who have a forced IPv4 address change every 24 hours. Even though the IPv4 address changes, the IPv6 addresses will remain the same as they are assigned statically.

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