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FAQ : Connectivity (Tunnels and Subnets) : Can I use SixXS tunnels to hide my IPv4 IP?

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Can I use SixXS tunnels to hide my IPv4 IP?

No, because the remote tunnel endpoints are visible to everybody using a simple whois query. Just enter the IPv6 address and it will look it up and display the IPv4 address where the tunnel goes to. This tunnel information is available in both RIPE ( and SixXS ( databases and can also be queried using a whois client.

To query the current IPv4 address of a tunnel endpoint, query, thus use for instance "whois -h [ipaddress]". The RIPE database only gets updated nightly and doesn't include the IPv4 address of dynamic tunnels like AYIYA or heartbeat. does list these as it directly asks the PoP for the information.

In case of abuse and/or illegal activity we will provide all relevant details to the parties involved. As such IPv6 is not a hiding ground and does not give you any protection from DDoS by hiding your IPv4 address. Due to this it also does not provide any anonymity at all on IRC.

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