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PoPs that are marked down

Unfortunately over time it has proven that not all PoPs are as stable as they should be. When a PoP is marked 'down' this is because it is not able to fully function as a PoP. Problems here could be machine, operating system or connectivity failure.

When a PoP gets marked down we contact the owner of the PoP and ask them to resolve the problem. Unfortunately resolving certain issues can take more time than one would want. If we could fix the problem, we would definitely do that right away, but when the PoP is marked as down, the problem is out of our hands. With the PoP marked down, you, the user at least knows there is a problem, not caused by you, and that the problem is known to us and the PoPs owner.

In the case that a PoP is down often, don't hesitate to contact SixXS for receiving extra credits so that you can move to a different and hopefully more reliable PoP. Unfortunately as PoPs are serving specific areas we won't always be able to move one to a different PoP.

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