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FAQ : Connectivity (Tunnels and Subnets) : Which PoP should I choose?

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Which PoP should I choose?

If you have the ability to get native IPv6 or a tunnel from a nearby uplink you should always prefer that one above any other. One should select the PoP that is closest in the IPv4 world, latency wise.

Public PoPs are available based on the origin of the user and the country where the tunnel endpoint is located.

When you explicitly want to request a tunnel to a PoP not listed in the selection box then mention so in the reasons box in the request form. Do not change your tunnel endpoint country to force the selection to become available.

Do note that SixXS only uses your selection as an indication and based on several criteria might select a different more suited PoP for you. The better description of a reason is given, the better the choice can be made.

When you are logged in a list of tunnel providers will be shown here to which you can request a tunnel.

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