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FAQ : DNS : Which DNS Registrars allow me to add AAAA glue for my Domain Name Servers?

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Which DNS Registrars allow me to add AAAA glue for my Domain Name Servers?

To be able to be fully IPv6 enabled, and not having to rely on IPv4, one will need to have AAAA glue for your domain and its parents. IPv6 Glue for the roots is there, and glue for several TLD's already exist. This page lists which registrars can add AAAA for your own DNS nameservers into the TLD zone, therefor making your domain reachable over IPv6 without a need for IPv4.

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Top Level Domains supporting IPv6 Glue

The following 42 domains are known to be IPv6 glue-enabled: .at .at, .au .au, .ba .ba, .be .be, .biz, .ca .ca, .ch .ch, .cl .cl, .cn .cn, .com, .cx .cx, .cz .cz, .de .de, .dk .dk, .edu, .es .es, .eu .eu, .fm .fm, .fr .fr, .gg .gg, .gs .gs, .hu .hu, .ie .ie, .in .in, .info, .je .je, .li .li, .lt .lt, .lu .lu, .me .me, .mobi, .name, .net, .nl .nl, .no .no, .nz .nz, .org, .se .se, .travel, .tw .tw, .uk .uk, .us .us.

For .hu (Hungary) it is enough to add an AAAA record to the nameserver host. They automagically include the glue in the .hu zone by scanning for AAAA records for any registered nameserver for domains under .hu.

.nz (New Zealand) has a list of .nz registrars which support IPv6 glue.



This list also includes a flag if the registrar supports DNSSEC. For easy recognition the ones not supporting DNSSEC are marked in orange in the DNSSEC column as they do support IPv6.

For a full list of .org registrars supporting DNSSEC see PIR's .org Registrar list.

Registrar List

NameZonesDNSSECNotes .be, .biz, .com, .eu .eu, .fr .fr, .info, .net, .nl .nl, .orgNUsing their DirectAdmin system
1api .be, .biz, .ch .ch, .cn .cn, .com, .de .de, .eu .eu, .fr .fr, .info, .li .li, .mobi, .name, .net, .travel, .tw .tw, .uk .ukYWebinterface, API (RRP, XML, SOAP) or Mailrobot
Andrews & Arnold (AAISP).uk .ukNEmail support with the glue records, similar to normal updates .caN, .com, .eu .eu, .gg .gg, .ie .ie, .info, .je .je, .me .me, .mobi, .net, .org, .uk .ukNEmail and request AAAA glue and they can be added .be, .biz, .cn .cn, .com, .eu .eu, .fr .fr, .info, .mobi, .name, .net, .org, .tw .twNUsing the webinterface
DK .dkN
DNS .de, .eu .euNCan fill in IPv6 addresses in the IPv4 (A) address box, .netNEmail to support, .eu .eu, .info, .lt .lt, .net, .orgNAAAA records can be added in the webinterface
Dotster NNo plans for support in the near future (March 2008), .com, .cx .cx, .gs .gs, .info, .mobi, .name, .net, .orgY, .net, .orgNHave it in our feature DB, only a single IPv4 or IPv6 address per nameserver
EDUCAUSE.eduN, .com, .info, .mobi, .name, .netNMail to .caN, .netNCan add IPv6-only or IPv4-only glue records, but not combined ones .czNBoth IPv4 and IPv6 addresses can be entered in the Nameset forms, separation of addresses can be done with semicolon
Fasthosts NUnfortunately, the current Fasthosts control panel does not support the use of AAAA IPv6 glue records but we are looking into incorporating this into a future release. However, there is currently no estimated time-scale as to when this would be.
GKG.NET, .com, .info, .name, .net, .orgYAAAA glue creation fully integrated in webinterface. Automated options per PGP-signed email and HTTP API. Fast and clueful support per email, .es .es, .fm .fm, .in .in, .info, .me .me, .name, .net, .org, .uk .uk, .us .usYIntegrated in normal interface and DNSSEC at Gandi, .com, .info, .name, .net, .orgYOne can add IPv6 gluerecords in the Webinterface
GodZone Internet .nzN
HEXONET Support .be, .biz, .ch .ch, .cn .cn, .com, .de .de, .eu .eu, .fr .fr, .info, .li .li, .mobi, .name, .net, .travel, .tw .tw, .uk .ukNWebinterface, API (RRP, XML, SOAP) or Mailrobot .at, .de .deNHetzner Robot FAQ
InitialesOnline /, .com, .fr .fr, .info, .net, .orgNWebinterface or API, except for .fr
InterNetX .au, .be .be, .biz, .ch .ch, .cl .cl, .cn .cn, .com, .de .de, .eu .eu, .fr .fr, .hu .hu, .ie .ie, .info, .li .li, .lt .lt, .mobi, .name, .net, .nl .nl, .nz .nz, .se .se, .travel, .travel, .tw .tw, .uk .ukNPer email request (acts as registrar for 1&1 Internet AG + Schlund Technologies GmbH)
InterNetworX Ltd. & Co., .com, .de .de, .info, .netNUpdates can be made through the website, .de .de, .info, .net, .orgYWebinterface and robot allow registering glue and DS records
Key-Systems .be, .com, .de .de, .eu .eu, .name, .netYRRPproxy, ISPProxy, DomainDiscount24 support IPv6 glue records natively in the webinterface and API .seNContact through email
Melbourne, .com, .info, .net, .travelN .nzNWeb Interface supports IPv6 Glue .auN(aka They officially do not support IPv6 glue records at the current time. The Austrialian branch ( can register IPv6 glue for .au when contacting the helpdesk
Mythic .ukNDNSSEC and IPv6 Support .clNFull IPv6 Glue support (spanish) .be, .biz, .ch .ch, .com, .de .de, .eu .eu, .fr .fr, .info, .li .li, .mobi, .name, .net, .org, .travel, .uk .ukYFull IPv6 Support, .info, .net, .orgNPer support ticket, only IPv6, not mixed IPv4+IPv6
Network, .orgYSend requests for IPv6 Glue to (might take a few weeks for you to get a response, but it works) .ukYIPv6 glue records can be set by our registrars in the same way as when using IPv4, though it is not yet very common and many registrars may not be aware of this .noNFull IPv6 Support through standard interfaces .beNAdds AAAA glue quickly when mailing support@
RESTENA .luNList IPv6 address the same way IPv4 address can be provided on the registration/update form .au, .be .be, .biz, .ch .ch, .cl .cl, .cn .cn, .com, .de .de, .eu .eu, .fr .fr, .hu .hu, .ie .ie, .info, .li .li, .lt .lt, .mobi, .name, .net, .nl .nl, .nz .nz, .se .se, .travel, .tw .tw, .uk .ukN .ch, .li .liY .nzN
SpeedPartner, .de .de, .netNRegular AAAA-records are possible through the webinterface. IPv6-gluerecords are available on request per Mail or Robot.
TPP .au, .nz .nzN
Tiger, .com, .info, .net, .orgNWeb interface has full IPv6 support
Tucows/OpenSRS.comNAAAA glue creation fully integrated in webinterface. Unknown which TLDs support it, listed above are confirmed by users
UTIC ( .baNEmail to the UTIC staff with the details
United Domains.orgN .nzN

What are Glue Records?

Glue though is present at the nameservers that delegate to your zone. These so called "Glue records" have to be published by the TLD operator.

Note that it is of course easy to have AAAA records for your own zone, as you control the records in your zone.

In case of with a nameserver with IPv4 address and an IPv6 address 2001:db8::53, the registrar for .com will have:

$ORIGIN com.
@		SOA	...
@		NS
@		NS

example		NS
ns1.example	A
ns1.example	AAAA	2001:db8::53

Because of those two records, the nameservers for .com can tell that queries for * can be answered by which can be contacted at and 2001:db8::53. If those records where not there there would be no way to find the IPv4 or IPv6 address for

Disclaimer: Listing on this page is not a recommendation or endorsement. SixXS itself uses Joker but we also heard great things about GKG.NET.

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