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Free? Stability?

"With free we mean free as in beer."

Based on the policy of the PoP, which is set by the ISP hosting the PoP, SixXS provides a number of public Points Of Presences which are available for the general public and with that anybody who requests an account and gets it approved. We don't charge money for this service and neither do the ISPs which own the public PoPs.

Availablity and stability

It being free, also means that we provide a best-effort service. Most of the time (>99.99%) everything will work like a charm. Unfortunately sometimes it will not. Please report issues in that case so that we can resolve them. Do remind yourself that SixXS is not a company and the people working on the project also have their own lives. As such, though we try to resolve problems as quick as possible, but that is not always possible.

Why for free?

For the simple reason to get IPv6 deployed. Without end-users there are no users for content and without the content there are no end-users who might want it, resulting in a chicken and egg problem. The public PoPs provide a starting ground for end-users to get IPv6 now and start using and experimenting with it. This allows people to find out problems in the current usage which then, after those problems having been identified be solved while the problem isn't everywhere. Next to that it also gives a solid user-base which then can get the content be IPv6 enabled which users can reach.

Does SixXS earn anything from this?

Even though it costs a lot of time and effort the Staff doesn't receive any money for it nor natura payments. The main earning is experience and fun.

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