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What are your thoughts on DNS Pollution?

Back in the days, lots of people specifically requested IPv6 connectivity in order to make use of 'cool' hostnames on the IRC. We formed the policy back then that IPv6 may be used to chat on the IRC, but not to show off hostnames such as or

A hostname is a name for a single host. If you have to use SpamCalc then you are already doing the wrong thing. Note that the SixXS system does not use spamcalc to determine the 'spammyness', even hosts which seem to pass the spamcalc system might become tagged as spamhosts by our system.

The simple rule of thumb is: use reverses for real hosts, not for virtual hosts. Name these hosts using a hierarchy, thus in the same subdomain.

We define a hostname to be DNS Spam when they have an excessive amount of labels or when they form sentences, phrases or other linguistical information. There's a very interesting project to calculate a score in order to quantify this definition. It's called SpamCalc and was written by Joost Vunderink et al.

DNS Spam, also referred to as DNS Pollution, was formally voted against upon by the SixXS Staff when we started the project. Nowadays, we have a lot of contributing ISPs, who may all have their own policies regarding hostnames. SixXS respects those policies as much as possible and automatically verifies hosts, note also that the SixXS Staff has the final say-so in a dispute regarding hostnames within SixXS.

Our policy is immediate and irrevocable deletion of the user account and all resources linked to it, if anybody files a justified and documented complaint about the use of these hostnames within networks maintained by MNT-SIXXS (which means all tunnelservers in custody of our tunnelbroker software). DNS Spam and shellhosters/vhosters are not welcome at our service.

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