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Ticket Tracker

The Ticket Reporting mechanism allows users to report problems they notice while using SixXS that are not yet known to SixXS. When a PoP is marked as "down" no report has to be made as SixXS is already very aware that that is the case and are working on resolving the problem as soon as possible.

Please note that though we try to do our best, SixXS is run as a best effort service. There is no SLA in place between you and SixXS, nor SixXS and the ISPs who generously provide the PoPs. If you require an SLA, please contact us and describe your requirements, we can then forward these to parties who are able to satisfy these requirements.

When one wants to report a new problem that previously also occured, please try to report that in the old ticket. Tickets that receive a new entry after it was previously closed or marked invalid will be re-opened where needed.

As noted in the big green box, please do not report "me too" style messages, open duplicate tickets, or report items without clearly stating what the problem is, showing technical arguments. SixXS gets a direct notification when a ticket gets posted, any irrelevant comments or other bogus reports are thus locked off. When a user repeats this action forum&ticket posting rights will be revoked without notice. Posting rights will be returned after careful review and consideration.


A ticket can have a number of statusses, when a ticket is newly created it starts out in the "Unconfirmed" state. SixXS will update the status throughout the life of the ticket.

UnconfirmedThis ticket has recently been added. SixXS has not validated that this ticket is a valid problem report.
ConfirmedThe problem in the ticket has been confirmed and is being processed by SixXS
ResolvedThe problem has been resolved
ReopenedThe problem seems to persist after it was previously resolved
Won't fixThe problem won't be resolved even though it is a valid problem
InvalidThe problem is a not a valid problem
DuplicateThe problem is a duplicate of another problem, see that ticket for more information (generally these tickets get merged)
Works for meThe problem can't be reproduced
Remote ProblemThe problem is at a location outside of the reach of / not involved with SixXS
UserThe problem lies with the user
WishlistThe problem is a wishlist item and might be resolved one day
UnknownThe problem status is unknown
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