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Why SixXS?

SixXS hopes to bring IPv6 closer to the customers of many LIRs as soon as possible. SixXS delivers LIRs a white label tunnel broker so they can easily deploy IPv6 to end-users without having to upgrade their links to native IPv6, which sometimes is impossible.

Also see the What can SixXS do for an ISP? and What can SixXS do for an enduser? FAQ's.


The following 'targets' have been defined for this project:

  • Create approx. 10 regional Points Of Presence (PoPs).
  • Each uses own TLA and own Autonomous System
  • The PoPs will be managed completely automatically by the SixXS provisioning system, providing amongst others:
  • Availability of IPv6 featureset.
  • Multicast capability.
  • Central management console using ssh and web interface.
  • Configuration Service.
  • Each PoP has its own policy, managed by the owner (the ISP).
    • Black & white listed IP(v4) addresses.
    • Maximum amount of tunnels.
    • Maximum allowable latency/loss.
    • Maximum bandwidth to be used.
    • Maximum traffic to be used.

This all with the main target to provide quality IPv6 connectivity to the users of these PoPs.

Our ultimate target is to conclude the tunnel brokering service when all the end users can get Native IPv6 directly from their own Internet provider.

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