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General Communication Incorporated (GCI)

General Communication Incorporated (GCI)

GCI (NASDAQ: GNCMA) is an Alaska-based company providing voice, video and data communication services to residential, commercial and government customers.

Founded in 1979, GCI introduced long-distance competition to Alaska and has since grown to be one of the nation's premier integrated telecommunication providers. GCI is the state's largest provider of internet services with cable modem, wireless and dedicated access. Its cable television services pass 90 percent of the state's household. Digital cable and cable modem service is available to 99 percent of its subscribers.

The company offers facilities-based local telephone services throughout Alaska and has earned a 35 percent statewide market share. GCI's services are connected through company-owned fiber optic, satellite and metropolitan area network facilities to the Lower 48 states. This broadband platform is the only one of its kind in Alaska and allows the company to provide customized services to the Alaska market.




Location:Anchorage, Alaska, United States United States (.us)
Operational:6 years, 3 months, 29 days
SixXSd version:v4
AYIYA support:Yes
Multicast support:No
m6bone connected:No
Active Tunnels:122
Active Subnets¹:11
Available Subnets¹:245
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¹ = Default /64 subnets are not included in this number as they equal the number of tunnels.

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