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Linxtelecom Estonia

Linxtelecom Estonia

Linxtelecom Estonia is a business grade internet service provider in Estonia. We are mostly oriented on demanding customers offering a wide range of connectivity and server-related services. Our core team has more than 8 years IP-experience on ISP market, from the early days of business internet in the Baltic region.

The company is fully owned by Linx Telecom Holdings BV, providing seamless connectivity and services into the Baltic Sea region by offering broadband value-added services in 12 countries and 18 major cities.

Data Telecom provides a full range of internet services for the business market and either native or tunneled IPv6 connectivity. Both retail and wholesale services are available, including private channels from Tallinn to the neighbouring countries.

The PoP(s) provided by this ISP are closed and not operational anymore.




Location:Tallinn, Estonia Estonia (.ee)
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