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Requirements for a Point of Presence (PoP)

A PoP is under complete control of the AS owner using its own DFP for serving out addresses to its clients. Also see "What can SixXS do for an ISP?". To maintain the quality of the PoPs we have defined a couple of requirements for one to become a SixXS participant:

  • Management buyin
  • Own RIR assigned DFP (Default Free Prefix)
  • An AS number from RIPE, ARIN, APNIC, LACNIC or AriNIC
  • The maintainership of this AS (and its routers)
  • Decent IPv4 connectivity
    • A dedicated IPv4 range to run the services in (a /29 will do fine)
    • An IPv4/IPv6 capable firewall in front of the server
    • At least two IPv4 transit providers
  • A /48 (tunnelspace) and a /40 (subnetspace) IPv6 allocated to SixXS (the first /48 could be used as tunnelspace)
  • An IPv6 peering policy
  • Presence at at least one native IPv6 peering point
  • Low yield server, physical or VM (XEN / KVM VM / VmWare) (2 Ghz+ cpu, 2 GiB mem) running a Debian stable (prefered) or Ubuntu.

To contribute a Point of Presence, we would like you to fill out the following form and mail it to upon completion. Try to be as elaborate as you can, the information is vital in processing your request to contribute to the SixXS project.
Effectively it doesn't cost anything more than this except for some traffic and hardware for the PoP.

Company Overview

1a. What is the name of your company, and which type is it (private, public, NGO, governmental) ?
1b. When was it founded (which year) ?
1c. What is your name and e-mail address ?
1d. What is your person object 'nichdl' ?
1e. Which RIR does your company belong to ? (eg RIPE|ARIN|APNIC|LACNIC|AfriNIC)
1f. Which LIR identification does it have ? (eg, nl.bit)
1g. Which AS does your company belong to ? (eg, AS12859)
1h. Do you maintain this object at the RIR registry ?
1i. Company description (to be shown on PoP page)
1j. Can you supply a 100x100 pixel logo ?
1k. What are the name(s) of decision makers / management who support this project?
1l. Do you have an account at SixXS already?

Connectivity Issues

2a. To which Internet Exchange(s) is your network connected ?
2b. What type of port(s) do you take at these IX(es) ?
2c. What type of equipment (hardware and software) do you use to connect to the IXPs ?
2d. From which carriers do you buy transit (and how much) ?
2e. Approximately, how much volume can your company handle in total (mbps) ?
2f. Does your company have an IPv6 allocation from a RIR ?
2g. If yes, which network(s) does your AS announce ?
2h. Do you have a native IPv6 connection to any Internet Exchange ?
2i. What IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes do you use for management (we ACL services away and open them for those prefixes)

PoP Issues

3a. Where is the server physically located (City + Country) ?
3b. Which make/model is your server ?
3c. How much RAM, CPU, disk, network cards ?
3d. Which OS does your server run ?
3e. What is the IPv4 address (and mask) for the box ?
3f. What is the IPv6 address for the box ?
3g. Can you supply a /40 (for tunnels and subnets) for the tunnelserver ?
3h. Does your OS have IP filtering in the kernel ?
      For IPv4 (which) ?
      For IPv6 (which) ?
3h. Do you agree to give out /64 tunnels and /48 subnets to endsites ?
3i. Is this server (or virtual machine) dedicated to SixXS (ie no other services) ?

Usage Issues

4a. Which userbase do you have in mind for your PoP ?
4b. Will your server be open to the general public or only specific networks ?
4c. Do you have any thoughts on local policy concerning potential clients:
      Maximum allowable rtt (ping) times for IPv4 to your PoP ?
      Maximum allowable packetloss for IPv4 to your PoP ?


5a. If desired, please provide unix usernames and SixXS registered handles along with SSH keys to get access to the SixXS management server.

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