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AICCU - Version History

The following AICCU version have been released:

The Changelog that is currently in SVN. The Future Updates / Wishlist / Known bugs is also below.


Versions: Windows, Released: 1 August 2004
What: TIC protocol testing

  • TIC (Tunnel Information & Control)
  • Windows Service mode ("aiccu.exe /i" to install, "net start aiccu" to start, "aiccu.exe /u" to uninstall, "aiccu.exe /?" for help)
  • 6in4 Static
  • 6in4 Heartbeat


Versions: Windows & Unix, Released 30 August 2004
What: AYIYA testing
Beta1 + following features:

  • Unix versions
  • AYIYA support


Versions: Windows & Unix, Released: 09 September 2004
What: Bugfixes
The fixlist:

  • Compile with pendantic, removing C++ "//" comments (AO)
  • Debian fixes: file permissions, distclean (AO)
  • rc.d addon (AO)
  • Remove superfluous CVS dirs (AO)
  • init script fix specifying 'start' (RS)
  • RPM_OPT_FLAGS passing (RS)
  • License fixes, making it more open (PvD & MdI)
  • RPM package (RS)
  • FreeBSD 4.x + 5.x port (MA)

With thanks to:

  • AO = Antonio Ospite
  • RS = Robert Schiele
  • PvD = Peter van Dijk
  • MdI = Marco d'Itri
  • MA = Meno Abels

(Note: no updates/changes have been made to the Windows versions)


Versions: Windows & Unix, Released: 17 September 2004
What: Packaging Bugfixes, OpenBSD support, Gentoo packaging


Versions: Windows & Unix, Released: 2005.01.09
What: Bugfixes
The fixlist:

  • MacOS X support (Marc Kramis)
  • DEBUG messages are not logged anymore
  • OpenBSD 2.x/3.x support (Wouter van Hemel)
  • Don't overwrite config when doing a 'make install' (Wouter van Hemel)
  • Manual page (Antonio Ospite)
  • Windows Configuration directory based on GetWindowsDirectory(), fixes service starting and password saving (reported by Thomas B. Ruecker)
  • Windows NAT message fix (reported by Thomas B. Ruecker)
  • RPM and file permission fixes (reported by Pieter Bieringer)
  • Updated FreeBSD port


Versions: Windows & Unix, Released: 2005.01.31
What: Bugfixes
The fixlist:

  • Full integration AYIYA, thus normal request procedures
  • Version -gui/-console correction
  • FreeBSD/Darwin route fixes (reported by Peter van Dijk)
  • Windows: New PoP logos added
  • Linklocals for AYIYA tunnels making MLD and thus multicast work (reported by Marco d'Itri)
  • fflush() during non-syslog logging so that AICCU logs correctly when run from daemontools (Peter van Dijk)


Versions: Windows & Unix, Released: 2006.07.23
What: Bugfixes and Debian Configurations
The fixlist:

  • The Nina'th release
  • Verified AYIYA support on Windows, OpenBSD, FreeBSD and Linux ia32/AMD64/armeb
  • TIC over SSL, (using TIC's starttls command and GNUTLS)
  • Heartbeat stop & start per signal (requested by Peter Bieringer)
  • AYIYA Heartbeating
  • Gary Coady's Debian/Ubuntu update:
    • Use dpkg-buildpackage to generate deb files
    • Remove configuration checks from Debian init script
    • Use common print functions in Debian init script
    • Add 'tunnels' parameter to aiccu, which reports available tunnels
    • Return non-zero exit code if unable to successfully authenticate to PoP
    • Log to stderr instead of stdout
    • end signal 0 to existing aiccu binary instead of SIGHUP
    • Add debconf support
    Due to debconf support one gets a really nice menu for selecting tunnels etc, thanks Gary!
  • Added OpenBSD PortInfo by Thomas Kaschwig
  • Added Makefile changes to support FreeBSD6, noted by Meno Abels
  • Added _NETBSD_SOURCE define as mentioned by Maarten Dammers
  • Changed aiccu_kame to do configuration differently depending if the interface is a proto-41 one or a tun device
  • Solaris and AIX support, also fixing some Endian issues
  • Multiple Tunnelbroker Support
  • AYIYA port number has been assigned (5072) and will now be used
  • DragonFlyBSD (which uses the FreeBSD4 interface) added as noted by Geert Hendrickx
  • defaultroute option (default: yes): can be used to disable default route creation
  • no-configure option: doesn't configure any interfaces nor routes, only does heartbeat or AYIYA
  • Post setup script, when specified will be called from AICCU to setup subnets or other things
  • AYIYA fixes: header alignment, TAP-Win32 8.1 driver support which is now required
  • Fedora packaging and fixups provided by Matt Domsch


Versions: Unix, Released: 2006.07.25
What: DragonFlyBSD fixup
The fixlist:

  • DragonFlyBSD fixup for AYIYA and configuration


Versions: Unix, Released: 2006.08.06
What: Debian Configuration Tunnel Broker support
The fixlist:

  • Version number change for the package so that apt-get knows this version is newer than the one in the Debian repository
  • Updated DebConf scripts, which now also ask one to pick a Tunnel Broker


Versions: Unix, Released: 2001.01.07
What: License change, Darwin and Linux fixes, OpenBSD 4.0, MTU support
The fixlist:

  • 2007 Edition of AICCU
  • License change to standard 3-clause BSD license. With thanks to Theo de Raadt, Marco d'Itri and Philipp Kern for their wise words and reasoning for coming to this decision
  • High urgency because of the above and it fixing large problems.
  • Fixed Mac OS X / Darwin support on the MacBookPro of Pim van Pelt.
  • Added MTU, from TIC, configuration on most platforms.
  • Fixed up silly linux bug, adding LL address to tunnels but not to tun/taps.
  • Removed Win32 Alpha Endianess (reported by Christian Weisgerber).
  • Fixed up alignment error in parseline() (reported by Christian Weisgerber).
  • OpenBSD 4.0 support (patch provided by Christian Weisgerber).
  • OpenBSD AYIYA fixup (patch provided by Pim van Pelt).
  • Fedora/RPM init script fixup (bash case's don't fall through) reported and patch supplied by Matt Domsch.
  • NetBSD AYIYA support (noted by Tobias Riediger) Works on NetBSD 4.x, for NetBSD 3.0 one needs to patch tun/tap to support IPv6. Patch is available from the archives.
  • local_ipv4_override option so one can use AICCU behind a NAT that has been configured correctly to do proto-41 forwarding. This is usually called a DMZ setup.


Versions: Unix, Released: 2007.01.15
What: Fixups for Debian, NetBSD, Gentoo, Redhat, and Linux in general
The fixlist:

  • Fixup in Debian init script (based on original patch by Bernhard Schmidt).
  • Change in redirections so that errors don't show in debconf menu's etc.
  • NetBSD fixes as there is not always a Tunnel Device that supports IPv6 (thanks to Geert Hendrickx).
  • Gentoo ebuild update, adding depends and require ntp-client.
  • RPM spec update, add build-requirement.
  • Check return values of system commands.
  • Added a big warning about running AICCU from Daemontools and similar programs which run AICCU in a loop, thus hammering the TIC server.
  • Be a bit smarter in checking for support of IPv6.


Versions: Windows, Released: 2008.03.15
What: Intermediate release so users can use the console edition on Vista to have AYIYA support
The fixlist:

  • Don't use a connected UDP socket for AYIYA and heartbeat traffic
  • Tunnel Name/Labelling support
  • Update to new Windows Tun/Tap driver for AYIYA support on Vista
  • Build using MinGW/MSYS


Versions: Windows, Released: 2011.12.05
What: Console edition update to support all Windows versions upto Windows 8 Developer Preview
The fixlist (all Windows-only):

  • AICCU Samichlau 2011 Edition
  • Support for Windows Seven and Eight (Developer Preview)
  • Support for UAC (User Account Control) - click on the aiccu.exe and UAC asks for Administrator password and AICCU starts
  • Sets AddrConfigControl to 0 so that IPv6 DNS is available for non-native tunnels
  • Disables 6to4/Teredo/ISATAP
  • Teeny AICCU Icon
  • Granular Windows version check, choosing the correct netsh commands for enabling/disabling various things (MTU, ICMP firewalling, IPv6 installation)
  • Don't warn about "Properties" keys in the registry when finding the Tun/Tap interface
  • Find aiccu.conf in the local directory, the Windows directory and additionall as .txt variant (aiccu.conf.txt) for Notepad users


Versions: Windows, Released: 2011.12.12
What: Timefix update
The fixlist (Windows-only):

  • Windows Time Fix
  • Traceroute fix for Windows Seven and up ("tracert -6" instead of "tracert6")


Versions: Windows, Released: 2012.02.02
What: Multi-tunnel adapter update
The fixlist (Windows-only):

  • Better handling of multiple tun/tap interfaces on Windows
  • Show a "please hit a key to close this Window" text and wait for a keypress on Windows, otherwise one won't see the output

Future Updates / Wishlist / Known bugs and issues

See also the Changelog that is currently in CVS. Following is a list of items where the SixXS team is currently busy with:

  • New cross platform user interface
  • Test-mode
  • Time-set mode. Uses time from TIC and/or AYIYA to configure time properly
  • Re-try TIC connect but the 'correct' way, thus abort when receiving full errors
  • Additional support for OpenSSL next to GnuTLS (selectable at run and build time)
  • Handle non-existing /dev/net/tun device when udev not active
  • Sanatize incoming data before passing it to system() alike functions, this could be a possible attack vector (reported by Jan Behrens) [one just has to trust us for the time being ;) ]
  • Refetching of configuration data to test if they are still valid.
  • Reconfigure/fetch information on SIG-HUP.
  • L2TP Support (Yes, even under Windows one can do IPv6 in PPP in L2TP :) [works but needs to be 'prettyfied' for release].
  • TSP (Tunnel Setup Protocol) Support [experimental, no demand, thus very low priority].
  • kFreeBSD (FreeBSD kernel, Debian userspace) compile fix by Axel Beckert
  • Windows:
    • Windows AYIYA implementation doesn't route correctly, requires mac-based fixup.
    • Fixup service interface
    • Installer (Binary, Tun/TAP + GnuTLS, Start Menu, Service-Option)
  • Apple OSX / iOS:
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