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Gateway :: Acceptable Usage Policy

The IPv6Gate and IPv4Gate gateway service is provided by SixXS as a service to the internet community. SixXS has no interest in the content of the websites viewed when visiting * URLs and claims no ownership of those sites, nor any relationship to the visiting user, nor the contents of the sites visited (see /robots.txt on any gatewayed site). SixXS occasionally analyses access logs of the service, while taking care not to use personally identifiable information of our users. We are interested in keeping the service up, not in any individual access of it.

We try to provide this service for humans, not automatons, using any common web-browser (such as for example Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Lynx, Links, and so on).

If you were redirected to this page, it is likely that at some point, User-Agent or specific access patterns were brought to the attention of SixXS staff (for example by comparing serverside time spent per aggregated User-Agent or translated domain), and it was subsequently flagged by the gateway frontends as non-human or automated (for example, some bittorrent trackers or wget in mirror-mode). These clients are generally very badly behaved, and can place a substantial operational load on the servers SixXS runs.

Please do not use non-human or automated clients with the IPv6 and IPv4 gateways SixXS provides: you may find yourself locked out. Additionally, the service is provided as-is, with no warranty or applicability or servicability and with a zero-SLA, that is to say: SixXS and the participating ISPs may not respond to inquiries regarding this particular service. We ask that users respect our service and the hardware supplying it.

If an entity does not wish [for its users] to speak to the gateway, they are free to filter access to it. They may do this by blocking TCP packets to port 80 of the IPv4 and/or IPv6 RRset of (noting that the RRset may change). Operators who filter this service may wish to keep in mind that this will also limit the ability for users to access other websites hosted on the nginx servers, for example

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