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Microsoft's DNS Server is included with Windows Server operating systems versions 4.0 (NT) and later. The DNS Server in Server 2003 and later supports IPv6 record types and transport.

DNS Server in Windows Server 2003

  • DNS Server in Windows Server 2003 handles AAAA records and IPv6 transport natively.
  • Use Action->Other New Records... and choose IPv6 Host to manually create an AAAA record.
  • The server will add its IPv6 address to the appropriate forward lookup zone.
  • Link-local addresses will not be added to the database. This is appropriate behavior.

Windows DNS Clients

  • Windows XP will not register its IPv6 address in DDNS, but Windows Vista will.
  • The DHCP Client service is the service that registers with DDNS, even if the interface is manually configured. So do not disable the DHCP Client service if you wish to use DDNS. The DNS Client service just caches DNS lookup results.
  • Windows XP and earlier may have some IPv6 support but notably lack IPv6 transport for name resolution and file and printer sharing.


WINS was the preferred name resolution for Microsoft Windows Prior to Active Directory. WINS does not resolve IPv6 addresses[1] and will not be updated to do so since DNS is the modern Windows client-server name resolution protocol and PNRP is the modern Windows peer-to-peer name resolution protocol.

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