Fritz!Box 7390 6in4

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Note: This only works with a static IP.

UPC Cablecom Switzerland gives semi-static IPs, that is when you time-out your DHCP lease you may get another IP the next time you request one.

As such, using TIC and heartbeat is *very* convenient, as no tunnel parameters (IPv6 local and remote address etc) have to be added, nor do you have to change your IP when it changes.

There is also no real benefit, as heartbeat tunnels are 6in4 tunnels, with a side-channel heartbeat.

Hence, use this only if you really want to.

Here is an alternate configuration that works for the Fritz!Box 7390 behind a cablemodem provided by UPC Cablecom in Switzerland.

Differences to older documentation

  • Do not use a heartbeat tunnel as the older Fritz!Box documentation states. You need a 6in4 tunnel. For this you need to know your external IPv4 address, but that's easily retrieved from the Fritz!Box UI (if all else fails, Google will answer to "what is my ip" with your external IP above the results).