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SixXS configuration for SuSE 10.1

The generic examples in the FAQ do not cover the specific requirements for configuring a tunnel with SuSE 10.1 in all details. The most important thing is, that the interface must be named sit1.

The interface sit0 seems to be a reserved name, so it is recommended to use the sit1 interface.

Depending on your settings, the SuSEFirewall2 might block ipv6 traffic.

Here a step by step guide for SuSE 10.1

Create tunnel

1. Create a file named /etc/sysconf/network/ifcfg-sit1

2. Content of the file:

TUNNEL_LOCAL_IPADDR='<your local ip>'
TUNNEL_REMOTE_IPADDR='<your assigned pop ip>'
IPADDR='<your local ipv6 address>/64'

3. Create a file named /etc/sysconfig/network/ifroute-sit1

4. Content of the file:

2000::/3 <your assigned pop ipv6 address> sit1

5. ifup-sit1

6. Now the tunnel to SixXS should work


Adding a subnet to the SuSE maschine requires the following steps

1. Make sure that in the file /etc/sysconfig/sysctl the parameter IPV6_FORWARD is set to "yes"

2. Add a fixed ipv6 address to the ethernet adapter connected to the local network

3. Install radvd

4. Edit /etc/radvd.conf and specify your local subnet

5. Make sure that radvd starts on boot with insserv radvd