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Technology Status

This table gives an overview of the various technologies used and sub-projects that run in the SixXS project.

For a historical overview of the SixXS PoP code see the SixXS History page.

We of course accept new wishlist items, thus if you have any, don't hesitate to submit them to the forum or through our feedback channels.

Implementation and moving from Wishlist/Beta to production status of these items all depend on the factor called time. If there was unlimited amounts or more time for us, but not for the rest of the world then these features would be there quicker, unfortunately that is not the case, thus it all depends on having a bit of time to create them.

Items listed as "Production" are fully supported and should have an ASAP turn-around-time on getting fixed. Unfortunately we can't guarantee any ETAs.

Technology NameStatusDescription
AICCUProductionAutomatic IPv6 Connectivity Client Utility: Tool to automatically configure IPv6 connectivity on a variety of platforms and it provides AYIYA and heartbeat protocol support
AYIYAProductionAnything in Anything: used mainly for IPv6 in IPv4 UDP and thus NAT-crossable tunnels
BGP on the PoPsWishlistBorder Gateway Protocol: Allows one to use multiple tunnels for a single /48, even announcing separate /64s from that block. These announcements will only be used internally on the PoP though and won't appear on global BGP. The downstream client will only get a 'default' route, not a full feed as with the amount of clients it would become very heavy to update everyone when there is a route change in the DMZ. Next to that fact that the PoPs themselves don't have BGP connectivity upstream.
ForumProductionYour friendly forum
GRHConcludedGhost Router Hunter : used for reporting on the IPv6 BGP routing status and issues that it finds
HeartbeatProductionProtocol for getting the a tunnel to be pointed to your current location
IPv6GateProductionIPv6/IPv4 Website Gateway
MulticastBeta; requires ecmh to have MBGP support to properly connect to Renater and thus m6bone.Allows one to setup Multicast connectivity to others on the Internet. Multicast is available on some PoPs but isn't global on most due to this.
NTP ServersProductionPublicaly available monitored NTP Servers
New signup ProcedureWishlistNew way signups are done, users can update, forum usage etc
SixXSdProductionThe SixXS Daemon that is the software that runs on the PoPs
TICProductionTunnel Information & Control Protocol: Protocol for retrieving Tunnel information and optionally controlling it
TSP for AICCUAlpha; Internal testing of AICCUTunnel Setup Protocol: like TIC, but XML based and can't be used to control tunnels or subnets and per default misses functionality in the client to be completely useable by SixXS PoPs, but it does allow AICCU to be used for TSP protocol based brokers
Ticket TrackerProductionGot a problem? Report it in the Ticket Tracker (of course with adequate documentation)
Traffic StatisticsProductionHow much traffic are the PoPs doing?
WebsiteProductionThe Web User Interface of SixXS
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