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Ghost Route Hunter


As IPv6 Routing Stability has improved over the years we have concluded the GRH project.

We would like to thank Robert Kießling for borrowing us AS8298 during the time of operation.

The GRH pages remain for a historical perspective.

The ULA Registry remains active.

"if you are doing something with IPv6 BGP then GRH is your friend" (Gert Döring)

Ghost Route Busters
Ghost Route Busters

Ghost Route Hunter, GRH for short, is a tool for hunting down Ghost Routes and other anomalies in the IPv6 routing tables. It provides several ways to look at IPv6 routing tables and to determine problems in them. An introductory presentation about GRH was given at RIPE44. At RIPE46 the new improvements and new findings based on the anomalies detection. The presentations can be found in the presentations section. Since the initial start of the GRH project there have been many updates to the statistical output we can generate from the data inputted into the system, this helped GRH grow into more than a Ghost Route Hunter alone. Thanks goes out to the many persons giving suggestions and valuable input.

GRH Utilities

When you're taking part in IPv6 BGP or are interested in global IPv6 operational matters, feel more than invited to join the below list. There are IPv6 ops people from all regions on board to foster exchange of experience and resolve problems which require someone non-local coordination. See - IPv6 operators forum for more information.

Suggested Reading

The following URL's contain some documents which are suggested reading for minimizing the chance for Ghost Routes.

Related Projects

Of course GRH is not the sole answer to IPv6 routing issues and a lot of other projects provide additional analysis methods and information sources which complement the feature set of GRH. The following are the most important of these great projects:

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