SixXS::Sunset 2017-06-06

GRH / AS8298 Peering Information


As IPv6 Routing Stability has improved over the years we have concluded the GRH project.

The GRH pages remain for a historical perspective.

The ULA Registry remains active.

Peering details

Description:IPv6 Ghost Route Hunter Project
Router OS:Linux / Quagga
Type:EBGP Multihop (other)
Policy:Send the set of prefixes you send to downstream BGP customers

AS8298 is on loan for this project from Robert Kießling of Easynet who also set up the first peering to this routeview.

How to peer and what to send

All IPv6 ASN's are welcome to peer with GRH. Peering should be via EBGP-multihop. The GRH Route View will not announce any routes. Peers should send their full-table as they would be sent to downstream customers, similar to a transit setup, which normally means that routes from the internal AS will be aggregated. Participating peers are listed on the status page. Use the Signup page for signing up.

MD5 Authentication

Due to the current combination of Linux + Quagga as a peering platform we are not able to provide MD5 Authenticated BGP sessions.

MD5 authentication on GRH peerings are not necessary as the information is not used for any forwarding decision, so this can't easily be a threat as only GRH is receiving prefixes.

Do I need to update the RIPE RPSL database after setting up a peering?

The GRH doesn't announce any routes and thus the GRH ASN is not seen on the Internet. You could update your AUT-NUM object for correctness though.

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