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Can I share my account?

Sharing of accounts is prohibited and will result in direct and permanent irreversable closure of the account.
Providing IPv6 to your local network (eg organization) is of course perfectly fine and encouraged.

Thus if a friend wants their own IPv6 connectivity, then show them through the signup process and help them out, but don't request an additional tunnel on your account or give them a part of your subnet.

This is also a smarter and better move for yourself, as in case of problems caused by your friend, those problems won't come onto your account.

If you administrate multiple networks, eg, one at home, one at work and one at your parents, then those belong to one account as you are the single administrator.

Of course, using the same tunnel and subnet to give multiple machines in your network access to IPv6 is allowed and naturally encouraged.

Providing connectivity to other individiuals who are not physically on your network is not. Explicitely shell hosting, IRCd's, bouncers (IRC proxies) and other such forms of hosting are not allowed. Hosting websites is not a problem of course, but in general they don't attract denial of services.

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