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FAQ : Account : How many accounts am I allowed to have? / How many times can I signup?

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How many accounts am I allowed to have? / How many times can I signup?

Information Only one account/signup per person
thus check it first:
Your Name:

A rejection means you have a handle!
You can always update your details.

You are allowed to have one (1) account. If we detect anything that may might lead to think otherwise your accounts will be disabled without warning.

If you got rejected for eg a free email address or incomplete data then you might try to re-signup with the same, updated handle. For -SIXXS accounts contact SixXS who can update them for you. Using a different handle will only result in you being banned from the signup.

This rule is there to make sure that the registries do not get filled with objects that are not used in anyway. you should provide correct details the first time you signup. Next to that having multiple accounts would be unfair to other users who are earning credits with one account.

If you administrate multiple networks, eg, one at home, one at work and one at your parents, then those belong to one account as you are the single administrator. See also FAQ: Using Subnets: What is a Site?.

If you have reasons to have more than one account first contact SixXS, before signing up. Your account will be disabled and you will not be approved when this is not heeded.

Separate Work & Private account

Quite a number of people are using their account from either work or home and then realise that they want to have IPv6 also in the other location. As people like to keep to work and private separate we allow an exception to the one account per person role where the separation is based on a work/private reasons. We allow this account separation for users in good standing.

For signing up for a work account, clearly specify in the reason field of the account signup what the other account is, what role that account has for you, thus either work or private, and that the new account request is specifically to separate the two.

Company / organisation account

For the cases where one wants to sign up as an organisation, we have the ability to make use of true 'role' objects. Note that normal accounts are for individuals and are 'person' objects.

In this case one will have to email with the following details:

  • Name, address, phone, email address of the organisation (or a RIPE 'role' object)
  • Details of what the organisation/company is
  • Names and email addresses of who are in charge of the network
  • Reasoning for request of the account and intended usage

These applications will be evaluated on a case per case basis.

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