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FAQ : Connectivity (Tunnels and Subnets) : Do you provide BGP peering?

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Do you provide BGP peering?

You should receive decent connectivity through your tunnel which is hosted by us. As SixXS doesn't handle any routing we cannot do any BGP peering.

For peering we base on the Minimum IPv6 Peering requirements (MIPP) to improve quality of the global IPv6 network. Tunnel users are end-users and are at the edges of the IPv6 Internet and should not be doing their own routing at all. The ISP handle that already in a aggregated manner. A peering would not be beneficial and would rarely be for you and thus we are not interested in it.

If you are a ISP yourself with your own DFP and AS number connect to an IX and peer there with other ISPs. Contact the ISP in question to do the peering. See FAQ: Where can I get native IPv6 transit? for a list of providers.

We can however setup a peering into Ghost Route Hunter system, though that is for monitoring the IPv6 routing tables only and thus doesn't carry any traffic. See the dedicated pages about that system for more information.

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