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SixXS Privacy Policy

SixXS does not capture nor collect any of the traffic that passes through their PoPs. In case of problems, after approval of the user, we might use tcpdump/tshark to diagnose that issue.

Full user information, name, address etc, including endpoint addresses, IPv4 and IPv6, are available through the SixXS whois server and the original registry where the user registered this information. This is to avoid users using SixXS as a hiding ground and to be anonymous, this is also noted in the FAQ: Why does SixXS need my valid address information?.

Optionally for -SIXXS handles: address, e-mail, phone and url can be made hidden in whois.

The website does generate a standard Apache access.log and TIC does generate a command log. These are available only to SixXS and meant for statistical and debugging purposes.

As mentioned in the Disclaimer: In cases involving law enforcement we will fully cooperate and provide as much details and cooperation as much as is required by law. We also keep the right to close accounts without warning or notice to our discretion.

SixXS does count the number of packets and octets send per 5 minutes. These details are available to the user of that tunnel only, after logging in and to SixXS of course.

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