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FAQ : Account : Why does SixXS need my valid address information?

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Why does SixXS need my valid address information?

SixXS acts like an ISP except for the medium being a cable (phone, tvline, sat, powerline) you are using a tunnel as the L2 medium and we are providing the IP services over it. Thus like your cable/dsl/fibre ISP we also require the details of our users to comply with the law.

Also the RIR's (RIPE, ARIN, APNIC, LACNIC, AFRINIC) require delegated address space to be registered with the full details of the party using it, mostly for legal reasons.

Another reason for us wanting to have a full name and valid address data is that we need to have the possibility to point at somebody when something gets abused. This is especially important when law enforcement gets involved.

The phonenumber can also be used to notify people of problems etc. P.O. Boxes and similar untracable addresses are thus not acceptable. We require a physical address where you can be contacted in person as that is where a law enforcement person would find you.

Information Publication: whois

Except for SixXS handles that have the option of hiding details, the details are publicly available through our whois server. In the case of a RIR handle this is a mirrored version of the record from the original database where you, yourself, have already published the required information.

Optionally for -SIXXS handles: address, e-mail, phone and url can be made hidden in whois. The details are still available for SixXS but not through whois.

Details remain solely in the SixXS database, we do not distribute your details to other entities. Not even the PoP admins have access to this database; only the user, SixXS staff and SixXS opers do.

We retain the information solely to be able to contact you and provide them to law enforcement where required by law. If you have a problem with this then don't signup for our service. It is a free service and we want to keep it in the air. Having anonymous clients implies getting a high abuse rate and that is something we don't stand for. Due to the above policy abuse is near nil.

Spam and Email

SixXS does not like spam either. SixXS will never use your email address to submit UCE or provide it to third parties, which includes the PoP owners for their perusal. The reason for having it is to be able to contact you. The whois webinterface masks email addresses with an image so that the address cannot be harvested automatically. We also use Spam Assassin to cut down on spam and can only suggest you to use similar methods.

RIR handles

You must maintain and keep the handles in the original database (AFRINIC/ARIN/APNIC/LACNIC/RIPE) valid. When you change any information in the original database notify SixXS of the change and we will issue an update of into the SixXS database.

Removal of Data

Due to some countries legal requirements a user can request removal of their details. As we require the details for having an account though, removal of the details also means removal of the account. Note that removal of data still means you are not allowed to signup again under our One Account and Remove Account rules.

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