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FAQ : SixXS : Someone is abusing his/her/its/* SixXS connection!

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Someone is abusing his/her/its/* SixXS connection!

Report this immediately to, send along proof of the actions of these users. In case of reporting SPAM/UCE/Virusses, either attach them in a ZIP file or PGP encrypt your message.

We provide full information about all our users through the SixXS whois interface. IPv4 addresses of the tunnel endpoints are also published in that database. This hopefully discourages persons to abuse IPv6 as a hiding ground. We keep close contacts with (IRC) network operators and other Tunnel Providers to avoid and counter these problems.

SixXS has added IRT objects to the RIPE registry, this way the SixXS Incident Response Team which handles abuse in the networks assigned to users by SixXS can be reported in a standardized method. Authors of abuse reporting tools should use the standard IRT object query method to find the IRT object that is responsible for those netblocks and use that object to contact the IRT in question. The Whois tool has been updated with a option for querying this object directly. More information about the IRT object can be found at the RIPE site The most specific IRT object for inet6num's can also be found using the standard whois command and by specifying the -c option.

Also see, amongst others, the FAQ's on our thoughts on DNS Pollution and Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

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