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This section lists some items that could not be easily placed under their respective sections. Don't forget to check out the above menu with direct links to services which have their own main pages.

Whois Service

The SixXS whois interface lets you query the SixXS, RIPE, ARIN, APNIC, LACNIC and 6bone whois services.
Due to abuse from several web spiders that ignore the robots.txt this tool has been closed for the general public and can now only be accessed when logged in.

DNS Cache Service

We offer resolvers in three continents (north america, europe, asiapacific) for all of our users. See here for more details.

IPv4 and IPv6 Distributed Traceroute

The traceroute interface does a traceroute to a host over IPv4 and IPv6 from the various SixXS PoPs.


The SixXS Usage Statistics give a little insight on where our users originate from. The SixXS Traffic Statistics show the day/night pattern of traffic on the various PoPs. Another interesting statistic is the Lowest average latency from the PoP to the enduser and the Tunnel Uptime Statistics showing how long one is able to keep their tunnel up which also proves stability of the SixXS system. The SixXS Growth Statistics show how many users signup and how many new tunnels and subnets are allocated every month. The SixXS Request statistics show the number of requests that are approved/denied on a montly basis. The Admin, Oper, Staff Statistics shows who handles most requests. And lastly an overview of the most used Tunneling MTU's.

Ghost Route Hunter

The Ghost Route Hunter tool will aid in the hunting down of the infamous Ghost Routes that bug everyday IPv6 routing tables, blackholing innocent DFP holders. It also generates various other reports on IPv6 Routing Table usage, documenting all the prefixes that should be in the Internet and where they are missing and a lot of other useful tools are available for helping debugging of all kinds of various IPv6 related problems. The routes are gathered using AS8298.

IPv6 Tools

Some handy IPv6 tools:
Unfix IPv6 Ports - PuTTY IPv6 / fping

W3C Conformant

We try to be available to the general public and interoperate with as many platforms as possible. That's why we made sure this site conforms to W3C standards. It even works correctly in Amaya. These pages are checked for conformity using Marc Gueury's HTML Validator FireFox Extension which is based on based on W3C's Tidy and OpenSP.

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