SixXS::Sunset 2017-06-06


The 38140 users span 140 countries.

1198431.425%Germany (de) Germany
494212.965%United States (us) United States
35499.314%Netherlands, The (nl) Netherlands, The
21845.734%Brazil (br) Brazil
17704.644%United Kingdom (Great Britain) (gb) United Kingdom (Great Britain)
11142.924%Belgium (be) Belgium
9072.384%Italy (it) Italy
8842.324%Switzerland (ch) Switzerland
8402.204%Sweden (se) Sweden
7331.924%France (fr) France
6831.794%Poland (pl) Poland
6671.754%Czech Republic (cz) Czech Republic
6601.734%Austria (at) Austria
6181.624%Canada (ca) Canada
5841.534%Russia (ru) Russia
4901.284%Finland (fi) Finland
4861.274%Denmark (dk) Denmark
4581.204%Australia (au) Australia
4101.074%Norway (no) Norway
3080.814%New Zealand (nz) New Zealand
2930.774%Ireland (ie) Ireland
2880.764%China (cn) China
2870.754%Spain (es) Spain
2050.544%Hungary (hu) Hungary
1900.504%Portugal (pt) Portugal
1820.484%India (in) India
1510.404%Argentina (ar) Argentina
1440.384%Slovenia (si) Slovenia
1290.344%Indonesia (id) Indonesia
1250.334%Slovakia (sk) Slovakia
1130.304%Greece (gr) Greece
990.264%Luxembourg (lu) Luxembourg
970.254%Malaysia (my) Malaysia
960.254%Romania (ro) Romania
860.234%Philippines (ph) Philippines
810.214%Ukraine (ua) Ukraine
760.204%South Africa (za) South Africa
610.164%Singapore (sg) Singapore
600.164%Chile (cl) Chile
580.154%Estonia (ee) Estonia
540.144%Mexico (mx) Mexico
530.144%Taiwan (tw) Taiwan
480.134%Bulgaria (bg) Bulgaria
480.134%Colombia (co) Colombia
450.124%Israel (il) Israel
450.124%Japan (jp) Japan
410.114%Croatia (hr) Croatia
410.114%Hong Kong (hk) Hong Kong
380.104%Thailand (th) Thailand
340.094%Vietnam (vn) Vietnam
330.094%Uruguay (uy) Uruguay
290.084%Latvia (lv) Latvia
280.074%Turkey (tr) Turkey
270.074%Belarus (by) Belarus
260.074%Serbia (rs) Serbia
250.074%Pakistan (pk) Pakistan
230.064%Iran (ir) Iran
220.064%Venezuela (ve) Venezuela
210.064%Peru (pe) Peru
170.044%Korea (kr) Korea
160.044%Equador (ec) Equador
160.044%Lithuania (lt) Lithuania
150.044%Faroe Islands (fo) Faroe Islands
150.044%Iceland (is) Iceland
140.044%Costa Rica (cr) Costa Rica
110.034%Bangladesh (bd) Bangladesh
110.034%Paraguay (py) Paraguay
110.034%Tunisia (tn) Tunisia
100.034%Bosnia and Herzegovina (ba) Bosnia and Herzegovina
100.034%Malta (mt) Malta
90.024%Dominican Republic (do) Dominican Republic
90.024%El Salvador (sv) El Salvador
90.024%Guatemala (gt) Guatemala
90.024%New Caledonia (nc) New Caledonia
90.024%Sri Lanka (lk) Sri Lanka
90.024%Uganda (ug) Uganda
80.024%Nepal (np) Nepal
70.024%Cyprus (cy) Cyprus
70.024%Egypt (eg) Egypt
70.024%Macedonia, Republic of (mk) Macedonia, Republic of
70.024%Mauritius (mu) Mauritius
70.024%Saudi Arabia (sa) Saudi Arabia
70.024%United Arab Emirates (ae) United Arab Emirates
60.024%Fuerstentum Liechtenstein (li) Fuerstentum Liechtenstein
50.014%Belize (bz) Belize
50.014%Kazakhstan (kz) Kazakhstan
40.014%Albania (al) Albania
40.014%Armenia (am) Armenia
40.014%Cote d'Ivoire (ci) Cote d'Ivoire
40.014%Kenia (ke) Kenia
40.014%Maldives (mv) Maldives
40.014%Puerto Rico (pr) Puerto Rico
30.014%Angola (ao) Angola
30.014%Barbados (bb) Barbados
30.014%Benin (bj) Benin
30.014%Brunei (bn) Brunei
30.014%Cambodia (kh) Cambodia
30.014%Cuba (cu) Cuba
30.014%Lebanon (lb) Lebanon
30.014%Moldova (md) Moldova
30.014%Uzbekistan (uz) Uzbekistan
20.014%Bolivia (bo) Bolivia
20.014%Democratic Republic of the Congo (cd) Democratic Republic of the Congo
20.014%Fiji (fj) Fiji
20.014%Ghana (gh) Ghana
20.014%Honduras (hn) Honduras
20.014%Kyrgyzstan (kg) Kyrgyzstan
20.014%Macau (mo) Macau
20.014%Netherlandse Antillen (an) Netherlandse Antillen
20.014%Nicaragua (ni) Nicaragua
20.014%Senegal (sn) Senegal
20.014%Trinidad and Tobago (tt) Trinidad and Tobago
10.004%Algeria (dz) Algeria
10.004%Azerbijan (az) Azerbijan
10.004%Bahrain (bh) Bahrain
10.004%Cameroon (cm) Cameroon
10.004%Curacao (cw) Curacao
10.004%French Polynesia (pf) French Polynesia
10.004%Gabon (ga) Gabon
10.004%Gibraltar (gi) Gibraltar
10.004%Grenada (gd) Grenada
10.004%Jamaica (jm) Jamaica
10.004%Jordan (jo) Jordan
10.004%Madagascar (mg) Madagascar
10.004%Malawi (mw) Malawi
10.004%Martinique (mq) Martinique
10.004%Mauritania (mr) Mauritania
10.004%Mayotte (yt) Mayotte
10.004%Mongolia (mn) Mongolia
10.004%Montenegro (me) Montenegro
10.004%Mozambique (mz) Mozambique
10.004%Myanmar (mm) Myanmar
10.004%Oman (om) Oman
10.004%Palestine (ps) Palestine
10.004%Panama (pa) Panama
10.004%Qatar (qa) Qatar
10.004%Republic of the Congo (cg) Republic of the Congo
10.004%Suriname (sr) Suriname
10.004%United States Virgin Islands (vi) United States Virgin Islands
10.004%Vatican City (va) Vatican City

The above statistic is only for the enabled and active users, additionally there are 51404 disabled users in the database caused by rejected requests and bounces.

Of the 34741 users who signed up with a -SIXXS handle (91.09% of active users) 8393 (24.16%) show their address/phone/email/url details, while 26348 (75.84%) have opted out from showing them. Also see FAQ: Privacy Policy.


The 44278 tunnels span 118 countries.

1676637.875%Germany (de) Germany
534912.085%Netherlands, The (nl) Netherlands, The
38298.654%United States (us) United States
21394.834%United Kingdom (Great Britain) (gb) United Kingdom (Great Britain)
20004.524%Brazil (br) Brazil
13012.944%Switzerland (ch) Switzerland
11732.654%Sweden (se) Sweden
10672.414%Italy (it) Italy
10652.414%Czech Republic (cz) Czech Republic
9342.114%Poland (pl) Poland
8241.864%Austria (at) Austria
7011.584%France (fr) France
6861.554%Finland (fi) Finland
6571.484%Denmark (dk) Denmark
5961.354%Norway (no) Norway
5871.334%Russia (ru) Russia
5271.194%Canada (ca) Canada
5001.134%Belgium (be) Belgium
4140.944%Ireland (ie) Ireland
4030.914%Australia (au) Australia
3550.804%New Zealand (nz) New Zealand
2920.664%Hungary (hu) Hungary
2330.534%Slovenia (si) Slovenia
1830.414%China (cn) China
1740.394%Slovakia (sk) Slovakia
1500.344%Argentina (ar) Argentina
1220.284%Greece (gr) Greece
970.224%Romania (ro) Romania
820.194%Ukraine (ua) Ukraine
760.174%Spain (es) Spain
710.164%India (in) India
490.114%Chile (cl) Chile
490.114%Indonesia (id) Indonesia
440.104%Bulgaria (bg) Bulgaria
400.094%Croatia (hr) Croatia
380.094%Malaysia (my) Malaysia
380.094%Portugal (pt) Portugal
350.084%Singapore (sg) Singapore
330.074%Latvia (lv) Latvia
300.074%Philippines (ph) Philippines
270.064%Turkey (tr) Turkey
260.064%Belarus (by) Belarus
260.064%Faroe Islands (fo) Faroe Islands
250.064%Japan (jp) Japan
240.054%Taiwan (tw) Taiwan
230.054%Iceland (is) Iceland
210.054%South Africa (za) South Africa
200.054%Serbia (rs) Serbia
190.044%Uruguay (uy) Uruguay
170.044%Hong Kong (hk) Hong Kong
160.044%Israel (il) Israel
160.044%Mexico (mx) Mexico
150.034%Equador (ec) Equador
150.034%Luxembourg (lu) Luxembourg
140.034%Thailand (th) Thailand
120.034%Colombia (co) Colombia
120.034%Iran (ir) Iran
120.034%Vietnam (vn) Vietnam
110.024%Kazakhstan (kz) Kazakhstan
110.024%Lithuania (lt) Lithuania
110.024%United Arab Emirates (ae) United Arab Emirates
110.024%Venezuela (ve) Venezuela
100.024%Bosnia and Herzegovina (ba) Bosnia and Herzegovina
100.024%Cyprus (cy) Cyprus
100.024%New Caledonia (nc) New Caledonia
100.024%Pakistan (pk) Pakistan
100.024%Paraguay (py) Paraguay
90.024%Malta (mt) Malta
90.024%Peru (pe) Peru
90.024%Tunisia (tn) Tunisia
80.024%Estonia (ee) Estonia
70.024%Fuerstentum Liechtenstein (li) Fuerstentum Liechtenstein
50.014%Dominican Republic (do) Dominican Republic
50.014%Kenia (ke) Kenia
50.014%Macedonia, Republic of (mk) Macedonia, Republic of
50.014%Mauritius (mu) Mauritius
40.014%Albania (al) Albania
40.014%Costa Rica (cr) Costa Rica
40.014%Georgia (ge) Georgia
30.014%Bangladesh (bd) Bangladesh
30.014%Belize (bz) Belize
30.014%Cambodia (kh) Cambodia
30.014%Europe (eu) Europe
30.014%Korea (kr) Korea
30.014%Puerto Rico (pr) Puerto Rico
20.004%Armenia (am) Armenia
20.004%Egypt (eg) Egypt
20.004%El Salvador (sv) El Salvador
20.004%Greenland (gl) Greenland
20.004%Jordan (jo) Jordan
20.004%Lebanon (lb) Lebanon
20.004%Netherlandse Antillen (an) Netherlandse Antillen
20.004%Saudi Arabia (sa) Saudi Arabia
20.004%Sri Lanka (lk) Sri Lanka
20.004%Uganda (ug) Uganda
10.004%Andorra (ad) Andorra
10.004%Angola (ao) Angola
10.004%Bahrain (bh) Bahrain
10.004%Benin (bj) Benin
10.004%Cote d'Ivoire (ci) Cote d'Ivoire
10.004%Cuba (cu) Cuba
10.004%Fiji (fj) Fiji
10.004%Gabon (ga) Gabon
10.004%Ghana (gh) Ghana
10.004%Guatemala (gt) Guatemala
10.004%Jamaica (jm) Jamaica
10.004%Kuwait (kw) Kuwait
10.004%Kyrgyzstan (kg) Kyrgyzstan
10.004%Macau (mo) Macau
10.004%Moldova (md) Moldova
10.004%Montenegro (me) Montenegro
10.004%Palestine (ps) Palestine
10.004%Panama (pa) Panama
10.004%Syria (sy) Syria
10.004%Tanzania (tz) Tanzania
10.004%Uzbekistan (uz) Uzbekistan
10.004%Vatican City (va) Vatican City
10.004%Zimbabwe (zw) Zimbabwe
The tunnels are of the following types:
  • 10109 static tunnels
  • 12719 heartbeat tunnels
  • 21450 ayiya tunnels
This statistic excludes disabled tunnels, only active tunnels are counted.



Currently there are 12493 subnet delegations over the 44278 tunnels, next to the default routed /64. As such 28.21% tunnels also have a subnet routed to them. Of these subnets 275 (2.20%) have in total 457 DS records and are thus secured with DNSSEC.


The 8.835.522 ISK span 140 countries.

3.658.02541.405%Germany (de) Germany
994.92211.265%Netherlands, The (nl) Netherlands, The
617.7686.994%United States (us) United States
416.9424.724%United Kingdom (Great Britain) (gb) United Kingdom (Great Britain)
277.0283.144%Switzerland (ch) Switzerland
268.6453.044%Sweden (se) Sweden
242.6502.754%Belgium (be) Belgium
224.2952.544%Finland (fi) Finland
214.1122.424%Poland (pl) Poland
207.9642.354%France (fr) France
190.4372.164%Czech Republic (cz) Czech Republic
164.2901.864%Italy (it) Italy
163.9431.864%Austria (at) Austria
163.4181.854%Denmark (dk) Denmark
134.7241.524%Ireland (ie) Ireland
128.6001.464%Norway (no) Norway
101.6961.154%New Zealand (nz) New Zealand
93.5591.064%Brazil (br) Brazil
74.3530.844%Russia (ru) Russia
72.0530.824%Canada (ca) Canada
54.0780.614%Hungary (hu) Hungary
41.2310.474%Australia (au) Australia
40.7050.464%Slovenia (si) Slovenia
30.9240.354%Slovakia (sk) Slovakia
29.1420.334%Spain (es) Spain
24.5770.284%Luxembourg (lu) Luxembourg
24.1280.274%Portugal (pt) Portugal
22.6120.264%Greece (gr) Greece
15.9440.184%Argentina (ar) Argentina
13.8620.164%Latvia (lv) Latvia
13.5390.154%Romania (ro) Romania
9.0350.104%Estonia (ee) Estonia
8.6220.104%China (cn) China
7.3800.084%Chile (cl) Chile
7.3540.084%Bulgaria (bg) Bulgaria
7.1930.084%South Africa (za) South Africa
6.6420.084%Croatia (hr) Croatia
6.3290.074%Ukraine (ua) Ukraine
4.1030.054%India (in) India
3.4170.044%Japan (jp) Japan
3.0760.034%Mexico (mx) Mexico
2.6550.034%Faroe Islands (fo) Faroe Islands
2.5810.034%Israel (il) Israel
2.5370.034%Uruguay (uy) Uruguay
2.5180.034%Indonesia (id) Indonesia
2.3980.034%Iceland (is) Iceland
2.1460.024%Malaysia (my) Malaysia
2.0720.024%Paraguay (py) Paraguay
2.0660.024%Thailand (th) Thailand
1.8320.024%Philippines (ph) Philippines
1.6390.024%Belarus (by) Belarus
1.6110.024%Taiwan (tw) Taiwan
1.5420.024%Hong Kong (hk) Hong Kong
1.4840.024%Malta (mt) Malta
1.4400.024%Serbia (rs) Serbia
1.4150.024%Colombia (co) Colombia
1.3870.024%Vietnam (vn) Vietnam
1.3770.024%Pakistan (pk) Pakistan
1.3160.014%Singapore (sg) Singapore
1.2220.014%Fuerstentum Liechtenstein (li) Fuerstentum Liechtenstein
1.1310.014%Equador (ec) Equador
1.0900.014%Turkey (tr) Turkey
1.0750.014%New Caledonia (nc) New Caledonia
1.0610.014%Tunisia (tn) Tunisia
1.0200.014%Kazakhstan (kz) Kazakhstan
1.0160.014%Cuba (cu) Cuba
1.0000.014%Lithuania (lt) Lithuania
9230.014%Venezuela (ve) Venezuela
8950.014%Iran (ir) Iran
7610.014%Bosnia and Herzegovina (ba) Bosnia and Herzegovina
7420.014%Cyprus (cy) Cyprus
4500.014%Albania (al) Albania
4100.004%Korea (kr) Korea
4020.004%Mauritius (mu) Mauritius
3050.004%Costa Rica (cr) Costa Rica
2760.004%Peru (pe) Peru
2500.004%Sri Lanka (lk) Sri Lanka
2250.004%Bangladesh (bd) Bangladesh
2070.004%Uganda (ug) Uganda
2050.004%Macedonia, Republic of (mk) Macedonia, Republic of
2050.004%Nepal (np) Nepal
1800.004%Saudi Arabia (sa) Saudi Arabia
1700.004%Dominican Republic (do) Dominican Republic
1640.004%El Salvador (sv) El Salvador
1600.004%Honduras (hn) Honduras
1550.004%Egypt (eg) Egypt
1550.004%United Arab Emirates (ae) United Arab Emirates
1450.004%Panama (pa) Panama
1350.004%Trinidad and Tobago (tt) Trinidad and Tobago
1320.004%Guatemala (gt) Guatemala
1310.004%Vatican City (va) Vatican City
1150.004%Maldives (mv) Maldives
1000.004%Kenia (ke) Kenia
960.004%Belize (bz) Belize
750.004%Lebanon (lb) Lebanon
750.004%Uzbekistan (uz) Uzbekistan
650.004%Barbados (bb) Barbados
650.004%Brunei (bn) Brunei
650.004%Ghana (gh) Ghana
650.004%Moldova (md) Moldova
600.004%Cote d'Ivoire (ci) Cote d'Ivoire
550.004%Armenia (am) Armenia
500.004%Fiji (fj) Fiji
500.004%Senegal (sn) Senegal
450.004%Angola (ao) Angola
450.004%Benin (bj) Benin
450.004%Nicaragua (ni) Nicaragua
400.004%Bolivia (bo) Bolivia
400.004%Democratic Republic of the Congo (cd) Democratic Republic of the Congo
400.004%Netherlandse Antillen (an) Netherlandse Antillen
350.004%Mongolia (mn) Mongolia
300.004%Bahrain (bh) Bahrain
300.004%Macau (mo) Macau
300.004%Palestine (ps) Palestine
300.004%Puerto Rico (pr) Puerto Rico
250.004%Cambodia (kh) Cambodia
250.004%Cameroon (cm) Cameroon
250.004%French Polynesia (pf) French Polynesia
250.004%Gabon (ga) Gabon
250.004%Gibraltar (gi) Gibraltar
250.004%Jamaica (jm) Jamaica
250.004%Kyrgyzstan (kg) Kyrgyzstan
250.004%Malawi (mw) Malawi
250.004%Mauritania (mr) Mauritania
250.004%Mozambique (mz) Mozambique
250.004%Myanmar (mm) Myanmar
250.004%United States Virgin Islands (vi) United States Virgin Islands
150.004%Azerbijan (az) Azerbijan
150.004%Madagascar (mg) Madagascar
150.004%Montenegro (me) Montenegro
150.004%Oman (om) Oman
150.004%Qatar (qa) Qatar
150.004%Republic of the Congo (cg) Republic of the Congo
150.004%Suriname (sr) Suriname
100.004%Curacao (cw) Curacao
100.004%Jordan (jo) Jordan
100.004%Martinique (mq) Martinique
50.004%Algeria (dz) Algeria
50.004%Mayotte (yt) Mayotte
00.004%Grenada (gd) Grenada

Average Wealth

The average of 231 ISK span 140 countries.

478Latvia (lv) Latvia
459Ireland (ie) Ireland
457Finland (fi) Finland
338Cuba (cu) Cuba
336Denmark (dk) Denmark
330New Zealand (nz) New Zealand
319Sweden (se) Sweden
313Norway (no) Norway
313Poland (pl) Poland
313Switzerland (ch) Switzerland
305Germany (de) Germany
285Czech Republic (cz) Czech Republic
283France (fr) France
282Slovenia (si) Slovenia
280Netherlands, The (nl) Netherlands, The
263Hungary (hu) Hungary
248Austria (at) Austria
248Luxembourg (lu) Luxembourg
247Slovakia (sk) Slovakia
235United Kingdom (Great Britain) (gb) United Kingdom (Great Britain)
217Belgium (be) Belgium
204Kazakhstan (kz) Kazakhstan
203Fuerstentum Liechtenstein (li) Fuerstentum Liechtenstein
200Greece (gr) Greece
188Paraguay (py) Paraguay
181Italy (it) Italy
177Faroe Islands (fo) Faroe Islands
162Croatia (hr) Croatia
159Iceland (is) Iceland
155Estonia (ee) Estonia
153Bulgaria (bg) Bulgaria
148Malta (mt) Malta
145Panama (pa) Panama
141Romania (ro) Romania
131Vatican City (va) Vatican City
127Russia (ru) Russia
126Portugal (pt) Portugal
125United States (us) United States
123Chile (cl) Chile
119New Caledonia (nc) New Caledonia
116Canada (ca) Canada
112Albania (al) Albania
106Cyprus (cy) Cyprus
105Argentina (ar) Argentina
101Spain (es) Spain
96Tunisia (tn) Tunisia
94South Africa (za) South Africa
90Australia (au) Australia
80Honduras (hn) Honduras
78Ukraine (ua) Ukraine
76Uruguay (uy) Uruguay
76Bosnia and Herzegovina (ba) Bosnia and Herzegovina
75Japan (jp) Japan
70Equador (ec) Equador
67Trinidad and Tobago (tt) Trinidad and Tobago
62Lithuania (lt) Lithuania
60Belarus (by) Belarus
57Mauritius (mu) Mauritius
57Israel (il) Israel
56Mexico (mx) Mexico
55Serbia (rs) Serbia
55Pakistan (pk) Pakistan
54Thailand (th) Thailand
42Brazil (br) Brazil
41Venezuela (ve) Venezuela
40Vietnam (vn) Vietnam
38Turkey (tr) Turkey
38Iran (ir) Iran
37Hong Kong (hk) Hong Kong
35Mongolia (mn) Mongolia
32Ghana (gh) Ghana
30Taiwan (tw) Taiwan
30Bahrain (bh) Bahrain
30Palestine (ps) Palestine
29China (cn) China
29Colombia (co) Colombia
29Macedonia, Republic of (mk) Macedonia, Republic of
28Maldives (mv) Maldives
27Sri Lanka (lk) Sri Lanka
25Saudi Arabia (sa) Saudi Arabia
25Nepal (np) Nepal
25Cameroon (cm) Cameroon
25Fiji (fj) Fiji
25French Polynesia (pf) French Polynesia
25Gabon (ga) Gabon
25Gibraltar (gi) Gibraltar
25Jamaica (jm) Jamaica
25Kenia (ke) Kenia
25Lebanon (lb) Lebanon
25Malawi (mw) Malawi
25Mauritania (mr) Mauritania
25Mozambique (mz) Mozambique
25Myanmar (mm) Myanmar
25Senegal (sn) Senegal
25United States Virgin Islands (vi) United States Virgin Islands
25Uzbekistan (uz) Uzbekistan
24Korea (kr) Korea
23Uganda (ug) Uganda
22India (in) India
22Nicaragua (ni) Nicaragua
22Egypt (eg) Egypt
22United Arab Emirates (ae) United Arab Emirates
22Malaysia (my) Malaysia
21Costa Rica (cr) Costa Rica
21Barbados (bb) Barbados
21Brunei (bn) Brunei
21Moldova (md) Moldova
21Singapore (sg) Singapore
21Philippines (ph) Philippines
20Bangladesh (bd) Bangladesh
20Bolivia (bo) Bolivia
20Democratic Republic of the Congo (cd) Democratic Republic of the Congo
20Netherlandse Antillen (an) Netherlandse Antillen
19Indonesia (id) Indonesia
19Belize (bz) Belize
18Dominican Republic (do) Dominican Republic
18El Salvador (sv) El Salvador
15Angola (ao) Angola
15Azerbijan (az) Azerbijan
15Benin (bj) Benin
15Cote d'Ivoire (ci) Cote d'Ivoire
15Macau (mo) Macau
15Madagascar (mg) Madagascar
15Montenegro (me) Montenegro
15Oman (om) Oman
15Qatar (qa) Qatar
15Republic of the Congo (cg) Republic of the Congo
15Suriname (sr) Suriname
14Guatemala (gt) Guatemala
13Armenia (am) Armenia
13Peru (pe) Peru
12Kyrgyzstan (kg) Kyrgyzstan
10Curacao (cw) Curacao
10Jordan (jo) Jordan
10Martinique (mq) Martinique
8Cambodia (kh) Cambodia
7Puerto Rico (pr) Puerto Rico
5Algeria (dz) Algeria
5Mayotte (yt) Mayotte
0Grenada (gd) Grenada
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