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Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modeling

ICM Core Network Services is a part of ICM supercomputing centre, which in turn is a unit of the University of Warsaw (UW), the largest university in Poland (over 5000 employees and 60000 students).

We are responsible for the maintenance and development of the backbone of the university. The network interconnects four campuses of UW, and several academic and commercial institutions in Warsaw for a total base of over seventy thousand users. The network consists of 10 Gigabit links with WDM. We work with Juniper, Brocade and HP equipment.

We represent UW on the board of the Poland-wide PIONIER consortium which is a part of European academic network GEANT.

We actively participate in the shaping of the academic IT services by inspiring cooperation, supporting LAN administrators in technical and organizational matters, coordinating IT projects, applying for state financing.




Location:Warsaw, Poland Poland (.pl)
Operational:9 years, 11 months, 7 days
SixXSd version:v4
AYIYA support:Yes
Multicast support:ecmh (experimental)
m6bone connected:No
Active Tunnels:753
Active Subnets¹:255
Available Subnets¹:257
Issue Tracker:Issues?
Status Feed:RSS Status Feed

This PoP provides tunnels from the following prefixes:

Subnets are allocated out of:

¹ = Default /64 subnets are not included in this number as they equal the number of tunnels.

² = Prefix's whois details are synchronized to the RIR's whois database in addition to being exposed using

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