SixXS::Sunset 2017-06-06

Routes per Peer

This tool shows the amount of routes per peer of the various peers that participate in the GRH project.
One can derive the more important and stable players in the IPv6 routing tables from these graphs along as determine where their routes are coming from.

The idea for this tool came from Marco d'Itri's 'Routes per Peer' Statistics upon which this tool has been based.

The data log gets updated by the GRH system, along with running the script for the plots on a daily basis around 01:00 every night. (Older data will be imported over the coming weeks).
Setting the 'Top' setting to 'regulars' will show only the regular transit providers and thus show these ASN's with the same color, the 'for the AS' setting shows the top 10 peers of that ASN, but colors might be different per graph.


As IPv6 Routing Stability has improved over the years we have concluded the GRH project.

The GRH pages remain for a historical perspective.

The ULA Registry remains active.

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