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Here's a list of hosting providers, that offer native IPv6 on their hosts. Do not include hosting companies that use 6to4 or similar.

The columns in the table and and their explanation:

  • Provider - name of the hosting provider
  • IPv6 DNS registration - whether it is possible to register an AAAA record with the provider's DNS
  • DNS via IPv6 - whether the DNS server is IPv6 accessible
  • IPv6 Web Site - whether the provider's web server is IPv6 accessible
  • IPv6 for customers - whether a customer can get an IPv6 address for their subnet
  • IPv6 prefix - Please list the providers IPv6 prefix with a URL to the GRH Looking Glass
  • Country - Location of the hosting facility

Note, if you are interested in seeing web site that are IPv6 enabled, then see IPv6 Enabled Websites page.

If you are a hosting provider offering native IPv6 support to your customers, then be sure to add yourself here. Knowing who the forward looking hosting providers are is always a good thing.

Please keep the list in alphabetical order.

Provider IPv6 DNS Registration DNS via IPv6 IPv6 Web Site IPv6 for customers IPv6 prefix Country Comments
BIT BV yes yes yes yes 2001:7b8::/32 The Netherlands Fully supports IPv6 an all products, organizes 2001: an IPv6 Space Odyssey, hosts PoP nlede01.
BitFolk yes yes yes yes 2001:ba8::/32 UK Xen-based VPS provider, offers /64 per customer with optional growth to /56 on request.
Blacknight yes yes no yes 2a01:a8::/32 Ireland Website used to have AAAA records, but has currently not due to PIX failover issues with IPv6.

Their VPS solution does not offer IPv6, yet.

Bo)Combo yes no no yes 2a01:488:b0de::/48 Germany IPv6 Shared Hosting (Beta).

Their VPS solution does not offer IPv6, yet.

Digital Ocean yes yes yes yes 2604:A880::/64 US Fully supports IPv6 on all products, Colocation, Dedicated and VPS
Duocast BV yes yes yes yes 2a01:1b0::/32 The Netherlands Fully supports IPv6 on all NYC3 region droplets.
DreamHost yes no yes yes 2607:F298::/32 US IPv6 support for Shared Hosting and Private Servers
EasySpeedy no yes yes yes 2a00:9080::/32 Denmark Dedicated Server Hosting, IPv6 supported on all hosting products
EDSI-Tech yes yes yes not yet 2a04:c000::/29 CH Full support for IPv6, available on request on web hosting, enabled on VPS and DNS servers
Exsilia Internet yes yes yes yes 2a01:1b0::/32 The Netherlands Fully supports IPv6 on all products including shared hosting
FastQ Communications yes yes yes yes 2605:d400::/32 Phoenix, US Full support for IPv6 DNS, Web Hosting, Colocation, Dedicated Servers. /64 /48 and larger subnets available.
FDCServers yes no yes yes 2001:49F0::/32 Chicago, US
GigaTux yes yes yes yes 2001:470:41::/48
San Jose, US
Chicago, US
Frankfurt, DE
Native IPv6 in San Jose, Chicago and Frankfurt only. London is 1ms from he.net tunnel. /64 offered to each VPS customer.
Goscomb Technologies yes no? yes yes 2a01:348::/32 UK VPS, Colocation & Dedicated Servers; also see Goscomb's IPv6 page
gosix.net yes yes yes yes [1] [2] Germany VPS, Managed Servers, Dedicated Servers, Different Hosting Services; also see gosix's IPv6 page
GleSYS yes partial yes yes 2A02:750::/32 SE Up to 8 addresses, each address costs a little extra. Due to OpenVZ limitations a subnet can not be routed. *Name servers have IPv6 addresses, but resolver seems to be IPv4 only.
Grifon yes yes yes yes 2a00:5884::/32 Rennes, FR Non profit ISP, VPS, VPN and housing, /48 each; see services page for more informations.
Hetzner yes no no yes 2a01:4f8::/32 Germany Free /64-subnet available via support request. RDNS/Traffic accounting/monitoring not yet available (2010/06)
HostHaus.com yes yes yes yes 2001:470:7a:2::/48 Phoenix, AZ USA Free Dual-Stack IPv4/IPv6 with VPS and colocation accounts.
Internet Unie yes in progress in progress in progress 2a00:1ac0::/32 NL Working on their IPv6 connectivity
iptoX yes yes yes yes 2a00:1200::/32 Germany Full IPv6 connectivity for dedicated servers and colocation
Loopia AB yes no yes yes 2a02:250::/32 SE
Logict yes yes yes yes 2001:07b8:601/48 The Netherlands Native IPv6 shared hosting, colocation, dedicated servers and virtual private servers
Luna.nl B.V. yes yes yes yes 2001:9c0::/32 The Netherlands Fully supports IPv6 at all products offered: Ethernet, Fiber, xDSL, Cloud services, colo servers, shared webhosting, etc...
OLM yes yes yes yes 2607:F7D0::/32 US Tier-1 native IPv6 connectivity. Competitively priced dedicated servers with free IPv6. (/64 per server)
OVH yes yes no yes 2001:41d0::/32 France/Germany/UK/Poland/Italy

/64 assigned to every dedicated server.

Prosite  ?? no no yes  ? Germany Want 149 € once for installing an own VLAN in order to get an IPv6 range.
RapidVPS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes United States Native IPv6 Shared Hosting, Colocation, Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Servers
recast IT Yes Yes Yes Yes 2a00:7380::/32 Germany Native IPv6 hosting, housing and cloud solutions (/64, /48 or larger subnets available), no extra charge for IPv6
Roller Network yes yes yes yes 2607:FE70::/32 Reno, NV USA Colocation, dedicated servers, and basic shared hosting. No extra charge for IPv6.
schokokeks.org yes yes yes yes 2a01:4f8:121:1ffe::/64 Germany Shared hosting with IPv6 enabled by default
Simple-webhosting.eu yes no yes yes 2a01:b920:6:202::/64 The Netherlands IPv6 VPS'es and shared hosting with per-domain IPv6
Softlayer yes yes yes yes 2607:f0d0::/32 US
Space.Net yes  ? yes yes 2001:608::/32 Germany
Strato no no no yes 2a01:238::/32 Germany /56 subnet for customers, reverse dns available
Tagadab  ?  ? no yes 2a01:7b8::/32 UK IPv6 available since July 2010. No additional charge for IPv6. /64 subnet for customers
Tech Analysis yes yes yes yes Australia IPv6 Web, Email and DNS hosting.
SystemInPlace yes no no yes 2001:470::/32 Chicago, Fremont US Xen based VPS hoster. Each VPS comes with 1 IPv4 address and either 1 free /64 native (not tunneled) IPv6 Range or multiple free /96 native IPv6 Ranges.
Vollmar delegation no no yes 2001:4d88::/32 Germany

No IPv6 possible with the v-Linux v2-4 and v2-10. No DNSSEC.

Vovone yes yes yes yes [3] The Netherlands (NL) Native IPv6 shared hosting, colocation, dedicated servers and virtual private servers. Free static IPv6 numbers per (web)service and host.
Waabu In Prog yes yes yes 2400:D080::/32 Asutralia Full support for IPv6 Cloud and Server Hosting, Colocation, Dedicated Servers. /64 /48 and larger subnets available.
Zabec.net yes yes yes yes 2A02:840:1:100::1/56 Slovenia

Full suport for all products. VPS and reseller users are able to use a range.

Yourwebhoster.eu yes yes yes yes 2A00:1CA8:E::/48 The Netherlands (NL) All services (website, DNS, e-mail, FTP for shared hosting), VPS and domain registration support native IPv6