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Task Forces and IPv6 Research

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

This section has been moved to the page 'IPv6 Enabled Service Providers'.

Tunnel Brokers

Hosting Providers

A new page has been created for this kind of stuff at: IPv6 Enabled Hosting, it tells a bit more extensively what the hosting providers offer (and what not).

If you know more about the ones below, remove it and add the data into the new page:

  • A2 Hosting - IPv6 Hosting available on Managed Dedicated Hosting packages.
  • Loopia, Web hosting Sweden (No IPv6 hosting yet, the site is IPv6 enabled)
  • Origo, Project collaboration and hosting platform, free for open source and closed source projects
  • Shock Media, Dutch webhoster with native IPv6 shared hosting platform and native IPv6 for dedicated servers
  • Teddy Engineering GmbH, Swiss webhoster with IPv6 enabled web-, mail- and DNS-hosting services
  • GleSYS, Web-, VPS- & Server-hosting Sweden
  • IPv6 Hosting, India - IPv6 Web, Email and Hosting in India.

General Web Sites

Instant Messaging