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Can I change handles?

In special situations we can change the handle of a user.

One case could be when need to update a -6BONE handle, which we don't accept any more, in this case one has to create a new handle at one of the RIR's and notify us of the change. Alternatively we can easily change the handle into a -SIXXS handle.

We don't change handles because one has lost authentication data (maintainer) or in cases where there was no maintainer in the first place.

Note that a RIPE handle requires one to have a maintainer (mnt-by) on the person object. RIPE also requires that a handle is referenced by inetnum/inet6num and other such records, if it is not they purge it. As such, we can only accept handles that are properly referenced.

One can change from a non -SIXXS handle to a -SIXXS handle by requesting this by mailing SixXS. Do note, that as we don't have any control over your original object, you will have to handle yourself that it gets cleaned up.

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