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500 Hard Blocked from TIC: too many queries.
[us] Shadow Hawkins on Saturday, 21 September 2013 17:11:38
Hello, Several months ago, I had been notified that my AICCU client had been contacting the TIC server too frequently due to a cron-job that I had configured. I removed the entry and contacted SIXXS to let them know of the configuration change in my cronjob config file. After this, all had been running well for several months, but now AICCU reports: "500 Hard Blocked from TIC: too many queries. See" My client is set to restart AICCU only if the tun0 interface does not appear in ifconfig. Obviously, this now creates a problem because, since the TIC server has blocked me, the tun0 interface has been persistently down, leading my client to try and re-connect every 10 seconds. This is the only automation that is allowed to take place, but it was evidently enough to block me -- what I do not know is what caused the problem to begin with. As long as tun0 is up, it will not persistently reconnect, and if tun0 is not up due to a failed internet connection, then who cares if it tries to reconnect? The attempts will not make it to SIXXS. In any case, I have permanently removed the script that checks ifconfig's output for the tun0 device and have no plans to reinstate it. I have two questions: 1.) Is there any way to tell how long my client will be blocked? I read the FAQ which states that with each attempt, the block is extended, but it does not state for how long. 2.) What is the allowed number of TIC requests in a 24 hour period? I understand hammering is bad, but I really thought a 10 second loop which checked my local ifconfig output and only restarted AICCU in the event of a failure was acceptable. Thank you for your time, and I apologize for my previous abusive TIC requests. Cheers! Joshua Patterson

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