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Missing network route
[ch] Shadow Hawkins on Wednesday, 09 December 2009 10:59:41
User: FMI5-SIXXS Tunnel: T24186 Tunnel IPv6: 2001:41e0:ff00:13e::2 Subnet: R10269 Subnet Ipv6: 2001:41e0:ff3a::/48 Router config (Ubuntu 9.10): Subnet 2001:41e0:ff00:13e::/64 on interface sixxs #tunnel T24186 Subnet 2001:41e0:ff3a:3::/64 on interface ns3tap2 #conneted to a virtual machine Default Route ::/0 via 2001:41e0:ff00:13e::1 A route to subnet 2001:41e0:ff3a::/48 seems to be missing on the PoP gateway. Pings sent from this subnet are forwarded on the tunnel interface, but no response is received. (Pings from 2001:41e0:ff00:13e::2 work normal) Response from external ping: PING 2001:41e0:ff3a:3::1: 56 data bytes ICMPv6 No Route to Destination from gateway (2001:41e0:ff00::5) for icmp6 from (2a01:30:1000:0:203:baff:fe2d:6efa) to 2001:41e0:ff3a:3::1
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[ch] Jeroen Massar SixXS Staff on Wednesday, 09 December 2009 12:13:43
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Missing network route
[ch] Jeroen Massar SixXS Staff on Wednesday, 09 December 2009 12:17:34
You might want to fix up what you type. R10269 = 2001:41e0:ffa3::/48 Note that ffa3 != ff3a Also:
9 (2001:41e0:ff00::5) 21.681 ms 21.555 ms 21.961 ms 10 (2001:41e0:ff00:13e::2) 30.914 ms 28.585 ms 28.421 ms 11 (2001:41e0:ff00::5) 28.431 ms 28.751 ms 28.406 ms 12 (2001:41e0:ff00::5) 29.459 ms 28.072 ms 29.358 ms
You might want to null-route that /48 so that it doesn't bounce back up the tunnel.

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