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PoP: nlams04 - Stipte B.V. (Amsterdam)

nlams04 ping check broken
[nl] Shadow Hawkins on Monday, 22 February 2010 20:13:42
------------------------------------------------------------------------------>8 Sixxs is reporting tunnel downtime for both my tunnels T16929 and T17220. Both tunnels use pop nlams04. Both tunnel endpoints ping each other fine. Both tunnel endpoints ping to fine. Wireshark shows repetitive succesful icmpv6 echo replies originating from tunnel broker. These facts lead me to assume the ping check is broken on nlams04. Best regards, Macroscoop BV Pim Zandbergen (PZ1453-RIPE)
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[ch] Jeroen Massar SixXS Staff on Monday, 22 February 2010 21:59:54
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nlams04 ping check broken
[ch] Jeroen Massar SixXS Staff on Monday, 22 February 2010 22:00:57
Please provide actual data, stating 'it is broken', but not providing data does not help. Why do you actually think that it might be broken in the first place?
nlams04 ping check broken
[nl] Shadow Hawkins on Wednesday, 24 February 2010 17:29:35
Sixxs is showing are tunnels as up again, so whatever the problem was, it does not exist anymore. It appears the tunnel was already shown as up at the time of my posting. I overlooked that and apologize for that. It's hard to prove what was wrong at the time but the facts are: - we have two tunnels using pop nlams04 - tunnel endpoints are at different sites, using different ISP's - sixxs shows downtime for both tunnels for a period of two days with exactly the same start and end times - I have maillogs that prove mail was sent using ipv6 between both tunnel endpoints at times the alleged downtime I realize this does not prove that the ping checks were responded to at the time of the alleged downtime, so lets close this ticket. Thank you for your time. Pim Zandbergen

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