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Tunnel T63381 to gblon03 doesn't respond
[gb] Shadow Hawkins on Monday, 18 April 2011 22:00:39
Hi, I'm having some difficulties with reaching other side of my new tunnel T63381. Tunnel is up, routing is set, firewall is off, Ping gets encapsulated and goes in, nothing comes back out... me crying like a child over a lost teddybear. I've checked and re-checked the config and i'am pretty sure it is ok (if not then bash my head hard!) Debug and config as below:
BRM-DMZ#debug ip packets BRM-DMZ#ping 2a00:14f0:e000:1b::1 Type escape sequence to abort. Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to 2A00:14F0:E000:1B::1, timeout is 2 seconds: Apr 18 19:33:39.129: IP: s= (Tunnel1), d= (FastEthernet0/0), len 120, sending Apr 18 19:33:41.137: IP: s= (Tunnel1), d= (FastEthernet0/0), len 120, sending Apr 18 19:33:43.137: IP: s= (Tunnel1), d= (FastEthernet0/0), len 120, sending Apr 18 19:33:45.141: IP: s= (Tunnel1), d= (FastEthernet0/0), len 120, sending Apr 18 19:33:47.145: IP: s= (Tunnel1), d= (FastEthernet0/0), len 120, sending Success rate is 0 percent (0/5) BRM-DMZ#un all BRM-DMZ# BRM-DMZ#show run int tun 1 Building configuration... Current configuration : 239 bytes ! interface Tunnel1 description The Dark Backup no ip address ipv6 address 2A00:14F0:E000:1B::2/64 ipv6 enable ipv6 mtu 1280 ipv6 router isis tunnel source tunnel destination tunnel mode ipv6ip end BRM-DMZ# BRM-DMZ#show ipv6 rou IPv6 Routing Table - 14 entries Codes: C - Connected, L - Local, S - Static, R - RIP, B - BGP U - Per-user Static route I1 - ISIS L1, I2 - ISIS L2, IA - ISIS interarea, IS - ISIS summary O - OSPF intra, OI - OSPF inter, OE1 - OSPF ext 1, OE2 - OSPF ext 2 ON1 - OSPF NSSA ext 1, ON2 - OSPF NSSA ext 2 S ::/0 [1/0] via 2A00:14F0:E000:1B::1 via 2A01:348:6:431::1 C 2A00:14F0:E000:1B::/64 [0/0] via ::, Tunnel1 L 2A00:14F0:E000:1B::2/128 [0/0] via ::, Tunnel1 C 2A01:348:6:431::/64 [0/0] via ::, Tunnel0 L 2A01:348:6:431::2/128 [0/0] via ::, Tunnel0 C 2A01:348:287:201::/64 [0/0] via ::, Loopback201 L 2A01:348:287:201::1/128 [0/0] via ::, Loopback201 C 2A01:348:287:202::/64 [0/0] via ::, Loopback202 L 2A01:348:287:202::1/128 [0/0] via ::, Loopback202 C 2A01:348:287:203::/64 [0/0] via ::, Vlan30 L 2A01:348:287:203::1/128 [0/0] via ::, Vlan30 LC FC00::1/128 [0/0] via ::, Loopback0 L FE80::/10 [0/0] via ::, Null0 L FF00::/8 [0/0] via ::, Null0 BRM-DMZ# BRM-DMZ#show ipv6 int tun 1 Tunnel1 is up, line protocol is up IPv6 is enabled, link-local address is FE80::5225:6967 Description: The Dark Backup Global unicast address(es): 2A00:14F0:E000:1B::2, subnet is 2A00:14F0:E000:1B::/64 Joined group address(es): FF02::1 FF02::2 FF02::1:FF00:2 FF02::1:FF25:6967 MTU is 1280 bytes ICMP error messages limited to one every 100 milliseconds ICMP redirects are enabled ND DAD is enabled, number of DAD attempts: 1 ND reachable time is 30000 milliseconds Hosts use stateless autoconfig for addresses. BRM-DMZ#
All help is greatly appreciated as always. Many Thanks, Chris.
Tunnel T63381 to gblon03 doesn't respond
[gb] Shadow Hawkins on Monday, 18 April 2011 23:41:16
It is way too late in the evening to be doing IPv6 tunnels.... Please ignore the ticket, it was me being silly and not updating my IPv4 access list. All works fine, user error. Sorry for the trouble. Chris.
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[ch] Jeroen Massar SixXS Staff on Tuesday, 19 April 2011 19:25:19
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