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ipv6calc gives me a wrong ip
[si] Shadow Hawkins on Wednesday, 05 November 2008 20:07:49
I have read and followed the "Reporting Problems" section on the Contact page and am providing the following details for this report based on the list of items stated there: Hy My computer runs Vista and i have set my Tunnel type to ayiya do to NAT problems (because of my server). I have checked my ip with but it just gives me the ipv6 of Amis (2001:0838:0001:0001:0210:dcff:fe20:7c7c). I have checked the logs and it seems that itt transmits the data but how can i check that ipv6 is really working (how can i check my ipv6 number). Websites such as don't work either. I have read somwhere that i have to route a port if i use ayiya. Which one should i route to fix my issue. Thanks for all your help and good work.
ipv6calc gives me a wrong ip
[ch] Jeroen Massar SixXS Staff on Wednesday, 05 November 2008 20:32:29
Please actually try and read the "Reporting Problems" section and provide the requested information. 2001:0838:0001:0001:0210:dcff:fe20:7c7c is the IPv6 address of the webserver.
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[ch] Jeroen Massar SixXS Staff on Wednesday, 05 November 2008 20:32:02
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